Saturday, 25 August 2007


As the rest of the household was sleeping I escaped and caught some quiet time at St Kilda.. in preparation for the last day of packing for the big shift Sunday.. some sweet light and fog did the job to charge my batteries.

Below, mid morning.. still avoiding going home.. the inside at St Clair took the building swell with Style.

All below: rising to 4-6 foot by 3pm.. the banks out the back fired off some long peelers and the odd barrell.


Anonymous said...

Contrasts in design - fog, sea, waves, beach, dunes (designed by god/mother nature vs (ugggghhh) pooh pipe man-made structure!

Still thats what you get when engineers meet the environment!!

You'd think they could have put some curves on it or buried it or something - does this really preserve the natural characteristics of the coastal environment????? Give me a break!!!

Great example of how to F... U.... the natural characteristics of the coastal environment!!!! Oh and incidently a great example of how to make a complete farce of the intent and content of the Resource Management Act and NZ Coastal Policy!!!

Well done Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council and your "trusted consultants" - give yourself a pat on the back and keep collecting your fat saleries!!

What a joke (and a disgrace!!!)

Time for a radical change?????

Anonymous said...

Interested in radical change in Dunedin? - want to bring Dunedin into the new millennium? - want to get rid of the Dunedin "old boys ball and chain network" - want to really make a difference in the far south - vote Tracey (with an "e") for Mayor!!!!

Anonymous said...

If those comments were made by you Tracey (with an ‘e’) then I trust you made a submission to both the DCC and the ORC when this resource consent was no doubt publicly notified.

As a planner myself, it always amuses me that such comments only come forth upon commencement of the works/development. The RMA has excellent 3rd party rights of appeal so I suggest you take advantage of them. I trust you made a submission in relation to the Tomahawk Beach application?

finny in London

Anonymous said...

Hi Finny

Tracey didn't make the comment - I did.

From your London perspective I'm sure you'll appreciate how unique and important our coastal environment is and also the need to conserve this for the future of the country and ongoing generations.

This structure is such a gross departure from the intent and content of the legislation anybody with half a brain has to wonder how it ever got to a planning stage let alone construction stage!!!

Its all very well placing responsibilty on the public to appeal but there is such a thing as professional and civic responsibilty - the plans for this structure would have passed across lots of desks before it got anywhere near public consultation / appeal stages.

I note you made reference to another dubious proposal forwarded in relation to coastal management in the area which involved sand mining which I understand was only abandoned after a public uproar.

This structure and similar issues are arguably symptomatic of very serious deficiencies in the coastal management and political systems in the deep south.

At some stage people have to say "enough!".

The best thing people can do is use their voting power at election time and send a strong message to elected representatives that this type of "management" is not acceptable and wont be tolerated.

If the "pooh pipe" and other issues such as the disgusting sea wall, sand mining and latest shambolic emergency works on the main beach aren't an indication for radical change in Dunedin politics I dont know what is!

Nic on 29 August, 2007 18:27 said...

Its hard to reply to comments when no pseudonym is left.. please use one for reference if you can

but first post, I assume you are talking about the poo pipe? ie: contrasts in design, 'put some curves in it' etc. as far as I am aware, the pier construction will be completely dismantled once the pipe has been fully laid by 2009.
Although I do question the positioning of the pipe its self, but what can you do but trust that they have done their research and that by their calculations the sewerage will be drawn right out to sea from the outfall release point 1.1km off the coast.

Hi finny :0)sent you an email.

Hi anonymous in reply to finny.
Again we are talking about the poo pipe(sewerage outfall pipe)?.
I agree the council has a strong civic responsibility and accountability.
Also to note that the resource consents for sand mining and 'dune re-contouring' at Tomahawk Beach were only put on HOLD, due to the fact that the amount of sand required after recent erosion far exceeded the volumes they had applied for in the resource consent. NOT due to being abandoned due to public uproar.

Thing is, when we vote, how do we know the representatives are informed on our particular wave length?? And once elected.. what influence can they really have on the 'old boys ball and chain' scenario.

Anonymous said...

To Nic and Anonymous, many thanks for your additional comments.

Despite my London location, I am indeed a Dunedin local and I have a very real interest in what is happening in Dunedin, not only as a surfer but also as a ratepayer. After a total of 12 years abroad, this is the town I am going to return to raise my family.

Aside from that, you are correct the DCC does need an injection of youth and a removal of the dead wood, particularly those long serving and unproductive members. (A radio hosts springs to mind).

I am looking fwd to the local elections where I will be voting for somebody that reflects my ideals. Tracey, if you are in the South Dunedin ward, this could be you.

Also, Nic, congrats on a fantastic web and blog. For myself and my buddies over here, this is the 1st thing we check every morning. Your pics are fantastic. Makes a return home all that more appealing.


Nic on 29 August, 2007 20:04 said...

thanks finny, always a labour of love. hey the email I sent bounced .. can you flick me a fresh address?


Anonymous said...

cheers Finny

Nic on 30 August, 2007 08:41 said...

thanks, resent :0)

Anonymous said...

I take my comments back re the "poo pipe" if indeed the pier structure will "vanish" in 2009 - reminds me of an English or American coastal scene (no offence to the English or Americans - only to American and English engineers!).

The reality is we have a special relationship with the sea "downunder" - the outdoors and the coast are a huge part of our upbringing, culture and psych. generally - at most we are only a few hours or less from our beautiful coastline - the smell, sound, taste and memories are a deeply seated part of that thing we call "Kiwi Magic" I guess, which we are very passionate and protective about!

The Maori see it on yet a different level but basically most New Zealanders share a great respect for and treasure nature and the coastal environment in our country I believe.

Therefore the other issues (including the "true" situation with the sand mining) remain a concern.

We are in a unique position in NZ to watch and learn from the mistakes made in other countries on the planet - particularly politics that interfere with things that are worth preserving!

Nic on 30 August, 2007 21:10 said...

Yes, the english are great at constructing their piers and groins...
Kiwis are the water babies of the earth, so blessed to live so close to the sea, we are a long narrow country geologically in the process of our second major erosion cycle, we want to do what we can for now to stop our country getting narrower than it already is!

True on the issues of sand mining.. the currently operating Kuri Bush sand mining consents exist because of the type of sand that is mined from there is a very particular grain that is used for high grade construction products.. the kiwi consumer society calls for the sacrifice of natural assets in aid of personal pleasure and comfort. But we only cry out when wee see the effects of our consumerism on our own turf... but have little regard for all the pollution and destruction of overseas environments that house the factories and sweat shops, including human hardship, that supply our greed. ( sorry a bit woffly ) but what I am saying is its all about cause and effect really.. same as with the emergency erosion works at Middles beach etc.. for all current action natural and man induced there is an opposite positive or negative effect.. of which the balance to either opposite depends on practicable solutions and choices made for long term sustainability .. last on the list is financial regard of profits and personal interests.

Anonymous said...

Just to check an assumption.

The sewage is treated to render it harmless before it is discharged via the "poo pipe" into a coastal environment which includes a beach in close proximity which is used extensively for recreational purposes - right??


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