Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Southern Right Whales - keep an eye out

call 0800 DOCHOT to report

It is probably true to say that the Southern Right Whale is still the rarest large animal in the world. See here for more details
There was a close sighting at Smaills beach last week, so they are definately running. me and jay saw a few right offshore at brighton beach in the weekend.
Commit the 0800 DOCHOT number to your memory or add it to your cell phone now. Surfers are more likely to have sightings, so keep your eyes peeled while watching the lines roll in.


t2 said...

classic -
that pic top right is exactly
as I remember
didnt get that far out of the
water but looked exactly
like that - barnacles, narrowish
snout etc

Professor Davis said...

Kill all the whales!
Whales have been slaughtering plankton indiscriminately for thousands of years.
plankton act as a carbon sink letting whales eat plankton is endangering the whole oceanic food chain and contributing to global warming or cooling.

Anonymous said...

↑ wtf....
I was in Dunedin couple of years ago and I am Japanese, but me and my family is totally oppose to whaling. U say whales help grobal warming huh? It sounds exactly like those bullshits about 'whale eat fish too much'...
Anyway, I wish Southern Rights would produce well in NZ water, so we can enjoy free whale watching from the shore!


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