Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Flat as a Pancake


After all that wind over the weekend and the southerly front coming through, there is almost no swell around Dunnos. A day of Painting today, as tomorrow I officially launch the phoam website! Its finished phew!

Photo is of Tunnel Beach which sits on the coast between St Clair and Blackhead. Not many get to see this coastline, and like me tend to forget its there. Theres a beautiful walkway down to it, which I scaled in the dark at 5am last month to hopefully get a gorgeous sunrise, which didnt happen. This was taken on the way back up at about 6.30am.

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Seconds today


Went down to St Clair today about 5pm, after checking out Blackhead which wasn't doing much. St Clair was packed, started taking a few pics, then noticed a few good sets coming thru Seconds, so shot round with the camera and took these...

OV - 25th Feb


Ocean View - 25th Feb. Hi to Dougal, thanks for the chat, the best of the surf along the coast for the day.

Painting progress


Well I did start the painting, but only got this far..

Went to check out Ocean View with camera, (still nursing broken toe). Met some guys who were down from Christchurch for a weekend surf. got some ok shots.. Have added them above.
When I got back somehow the computer called again and begged me to design some buttons for the website..

Saturday, 25 February 2006


In my defence I have to say theres a bit of value in 'playing on the computer' (although my daughters are getting pretty peeved with having to do alot of my housework recently) I spent 5 hours yesterday working on one photo montage using some of the the skills I gained doing the 2 week photoshop course at Otago Polytech last month. It was created using a variety of photographs I had taken of some obvious, and some obscure images around the point area of St Clair.

A favourite spot of mine to hang and take pics is just behind the fence on the top of the cliff behind the Hot salt water pool.

New painting project


Tube at spot X.
My goal today is to begin a painting from the photo I just posted, I have been so busy building my website and preparing my photos on the computer ready to get printed that I have to find a bit of balance.. ie: don't be such a computer geek and spend 18 hours a day on it 'playing'.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

testing how to upload pics


My first Blog post!!!

Why in heck did I decide to do this??
Because I am a super organised person, and this would appear to give me yet another avenue to outlet my creativity?
yep :0)



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