Monday, 31 July 2006

July 2006 - the month that was


thanks huey

Much warmer today.. so I spent the whole afternoon out and about taking photos. Black first.. one out when I got there, nice steady sets pumping through with a nice bank mid beach thowing off some long peeling lefts...

then within 20 mis and 6 more out it mostly dropped away with the change in tide..

St Clair next.. awesome to have the sun shining, especially since is much easier to get my camera focussed with good light, so some nice closeup shots today..

Sunday, 30 July 2006

Bigfoot at St Clair


the elusive Sasquatch, or bigfoot, was spotted out at the point at St Clair today executing a bad shuffle, causing small children to run to their mothers and good surfers to cry..

Wave Wahine Saturday


Almost every (depending on conditions) Saturday morning , right though the winter the Wave Wahines meet and pick a spot to surf somewhere up or down the coast around Dunedin, this morning it was St Clair.

Just a few pics....

A chilling Sunday Morning.


Forecast predicted 100k winds for the avo? so decided to catch a ride down to check out St Clair again, and yes it appears I have no life at the moment, but I love my morning terraqueous meditation.

So from about 9.30 to 11 I stood freezing on the esplanade in another sunless Dunedin Sunday. Initailly a small uncrowded peak on the inside was picked off by three.. then over the hour it built to about 8 competing for the same peak.

Saturday, 29 July 2006

after the storm


Relaxing start to the weekend.. an hour or so down at St Clair doing my 'photo meditation' havent processed any pics from that session yet, maybe tomorrow.
I did go back down to St Clair in the avo about 2pm tide had come in and swell had died out heaps.. but definately some explosive action from Nat and Danny and others..

Friday, 28 July 2006

Next lot of ** Art ** at Classic Cafe

Yesterday avo I took down the last lot of artwork at the Classic Cafe, and put up the next lot. Carrying on with the 'two week mini exhibitions' Attached are a few included in this one.

Thanks for the show guys

A bit at blackhead...about 4 today.
Then coming over the hill looking down to St Clair.

And then a relaxing hour between 4 and 5 chilling down at St Clair taking pics and thoroughly enjoying the excellent surfing, thanks guys.

like magic..

Thursday, 27 July 2006

please end this Huey


all I can say is.. I am stranded at home.. nothing to do but paint, and I want to be warm, and sit outside and bake in the warm summer sun.
Today dished up yet another day of cold grey, wet, dull weather with the persistent south swell.. I snapped three pics at St Clair at 4pm when I went down to get some milk .

Oh and the bonus of the day was that two cakes of cool water surf wax arrived for me for my new board. Thanks Riki, and man of your word.. (although it was new 6 months ago ;0)

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

St Kilda 25 July


Monday, 24 July 2006

this week. missed week

damn.. so heres a few that were sitting on my camera over the week.. different days, before and after etc etc


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