Friday, 29 May 2009

Cold Water Classic - Kaikoura 2009 Day1 part2


Below left: Tom Entwistle, Right: Aaron Locke

Womens' heats.. Below left: Leilani Brain, right: spectators with the snow capped seaward Kaikouras in the close distance. Below again: Sophia Moore.

Above left: Jean Davis, Right: Nicola Warren. Below: Kristi Zarifeh.

Above right: Aaron Locke, longboard heats.

Cold Water Classic - Kaikoura 2009 Day 1 part1

Kim, Helena, Jean and myself left on the Thursday morning with more gear packed into Kims' stationwagon than a sardine can could fit under pressure. The rest of the Dunedin Crew.. Hayley, Tash, Homer and Jamie in a 4WD.. Jono, leroy, Jimi and Tom in Jono's stationwagon.. Andy, Nathan and Chris in another car, Steve & Ben in another and finally MB and Geordi. Again a good showing of support for the last SISA event of the year from the Otago Surf Clubs.

Above: Friday morning at Meatworks, a clean green set peaks out back. Homers' truck on left with the FCS tent which was a godsend all weekend with protection from the sun, rain and wind. Below left: rashies all laid out ready for the first Open mans' heats ... red flag ready to drop as the sun rose to a crisp but clear morning. Right and Below: The first few heats of the day ran as the surf picked up and the sun made for some stunning light.

Top Right: Nash Robertson. Below, more images from the Open heats round 1. Below Left: Levi O'Connor, Right: Dave Melville ?

Above: an empty in the comp area. Below Left: Andy Sutherland, Right and Below: unknown

Above Left: Nathan Lungley, Right: Jamie Civil
Below: Freesurfing down the beach, and a shot from there towards the comp area.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Carrying on the theme.

Thanks heaps to all those who bid on the Art and Photography auctions on trademe this week, and for the extra orders off my blog that came through too. I really appreciate the support. I am leaving for Kaikoura on thursday!!

I have continued painting over the last week. The two images above are a 'before and after'. The before was a canvas I painted three years ago, and never managed to sell. The painting was off an Image by Al Ashworth. It started by a 'touch up' to try and make it work better that just morphed into something else.

Below, this was initially a design for longboard skateboard decks, which I was in the process of doing when I stopped painting (sorry I didn't finish them nacho).
Was design number 10 in the sketches above.
I'm still using up old canvasses, and have completed another two on top of these which arent photographed yet.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Jimi Crooks - Featured Surfer

Jimi Crooks, 18 years Old from Brighton, Dunedin.
- surfs with Big Rock Boardriders

Above: surfing during a heat at the Cold water Classic 2008 in kaikoura.
Below: Tucked away down south.

Above, sequence during a free surf at the Go for Gold 2009, Greymouth.
Below: during a heat at the Cape Classic 2008, Westport

Above, down the line last year, and surfing his local on a small day.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Last week

A few shots from last few weeks.. when the wind and swell was a bit kinder.

Above: Jimi Crooks finds some quiet time.
Below: Jay paddling out past a bomb set down the coast.

Above, jay same day.. what happens when a rainbow terminates in a wave, note the board

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

South Island Surf Champs 2009 - Results

Finally got the official results for the South Islands 2009

Below, Another yummy peak from day 1

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ever needed a legitimate excuse to go surfing? Well, on June 20, you finally have it: International Surfing Day. Created by SURFING Magazine, this unofficial, official surfers' holiday gives us a chance to promote and celebrate the sport while bringing awareness to the state of our oceans and beaches.

The goal is simple: take the day, or at least a part of the day, to go out, catch a wave or three and -- while you're at it -- help clean up your favorite beach. Surfrider Foundation, we'll be organizing a handful of official beach cleanups, but that doesn't stop you from beautifying your own stretch of sand.

In the meantime, we hope to document this day of Universal Stoke as thoroughly as possible. Not only will we be assigning key regions around the globe to our team of expert photographers, we're depending on YOU to show us how it all went down in your backyard. So, be sure to email us your highlights -- both in words and photos -- from International Surfing Day.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Help me get to the Cold Water Classic


I have just listed a pile of $1 reserve auctions on my trademe account.
I would really love to attend and photograph/film at the Cold Water Classic in Kaikoura at the end of May, but due to a few financial challenges, I can't quite scrape by to get there.. Unless I can raise the money through these auctions. So to anyone who has ever said they would like an artwork, or photo here is the opportunity to pick up a bargain.
I also have some wetsuits for sale.

Note: The framed photos all have some small faults, either tiny scratches on the frame, or small framing errors.
If you would like to order some custom prints, order that photo of yourself off the blog, or a custom artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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