Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Carrying on the theme.

Thanks heaps to all those who bid on the Art and Photography auctions on trademe this week, and for the extra orders off my blog that came through too. I really appreciate the support. I am leaving for Kaikoura on thursday!!

I have continued painting over the last week. The two images above are a 'before and after'. The before was a canvas I painted three years ago, and never managed to sell. The painting was off an Image by Al Ashworth. It started by a 'touch up' to try and make it work better that just morphed into something else.

Below, this was initially a design for longboard skateboard decks, which I was in the process of doing when I stopped painting (sorry I didn't finish them nacho).
Was design number 10 in the sketches above.
I'm still using up old canvasses, and have completed another two on top of these which arent photographed yet.


Charlotte Reeves on 26 May, 2009 09:37 said...

Hey sis, that's awesome that you are getting back into the painting again! I've found that too, sometimes the creative animal inside you goes into hybernation for a while and you just can't bring yourself to do anything arty. But when it wakes up - whoah! Love your latest stuff, very cool.


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