Sunday, 17 May 2009

new surf art

As I posted the other day, I have overcome my year long artistic labotomy, and picked up a paintbrush again. I was inspired by receiving back a few artworks I had sent to Australia that didn't sell. ( three artworks at right), Having not seen them for a year I noticed a few aspects of them that needed a bit of tweaking, so I set to it. This inspired me to try and complete some half finished canvasses I had stored away.

Three days later...
Below: the first small artwork was just an organic paint-doodle I did, not stressing how it turned out. Larger one is an artwork I started 3 years ago, and ended up completely repainting over in a similar style, but putting in a stylised wave.. the bubbles just happened, and I liked the concept.

Left: So I finished off another small piece using the same wave style, as well as the bubbles for the foam.

I repainted over a third artwork, Below, in a bigger size developing the style a bit further. Using the sky elements from the artworks I had sent overseas.

The next piece , Right, was again using up a half finished canvas, that already had an abstract sunset on it, this time a right point break. Not too keen on this one, but still great to be painting. I have always enjoyed painting with vivid colours edged in black. I had a series a few years ago called 'wave forms' that I had sold through trademe.


Anonymous said...

nick ,I love your art works.Danny narrabeen


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