Wednesday, 24 October 2012

new beginnings

Thank you for following my phoam surf blog over the years.  
I am gutted to have to finally admit to this being the very last post.

So after 7+ years, 1142 posts, thousands of photographs & dozens of videos .............   this is my last post.

I will add that after 3 years dealing with the Southern District Health board and their 'specialists' I have come to the conclusion that they are uncaring heartless ****ers. 

However, having now discovered the cause of my decline via an overseas specialist (a rare condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis caused by an epidural injection), I can now look forward and adapt my life.

 On a positive note 
I can still create my original artworks.
Please support me, this is my only income.

Please LIKE my Nicola Reeves Artist - Phoam Arts page on Facebook 

Still active on the environmental front, In 2013 I founded a Coastal Otago Environmental group

 Otago Coastal Guradians Inc

Otago Coastal Guradians Inc on facebook


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