Saturday, 16 August 2008

beached beaked whale

Beaked whales are rarely observed, since they mostly remain in deep water and appear to avoid ships.


Anonymous said...

sad to see
but life begets Death.

Ziphiid on 17 August, 2008 19:48 said...


What a wonderful beaked whale!
This is the Layard's beaked whale(mesoplodon layardii)

Do you know where it stranded(Dunedin?),when(16.08.08?) and do you know its sex and length(cm)?Female?over 500cm long?

I am in love with it.

nic on 17 August, 2008 20:17 said...

Hi WB,

Yes, stranded in Dunedin, on Ocean View Beach, Most probably female due to the absence of outward teeth, probably about 1.5 tonnes, not sure on length.

There were questions as to its exact species, I guess the examination of the head will conclude that, but Layards was an option.

She was truly beautiful



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