Sunday, 30 September 2007

September 2007 - the month that was


Saturday, 29 September 2007

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No Words

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

First Light - World Premiere


Guy Ryan, Master Surf Filmmaker, featuring local talent and breaks.
The Backstage, Dunedin 3rd October 8pm .. See you there!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Waldronville Sandmining and Sewerage


Above and below.. the 'Emergency Outfall' for the Green Island sewerage treatment plant.
Looks like the sand has been recently removed from in front of the outfall area which discharges straight on to the beach.

The Green Island Sewerage treatment plant was up-graded to secondary treatment with UV disinfection and the marine outfall was extended out in the year 2000 to 850m offshore at Waldronville. This emergency outfall pipe still appears to operate.
As this is a restricted coastal activity a resource consent permit is required to discharge up to 103680 m3/day of treated effluent to the Pacific Ocean. This is via the newer 850m Waldronville sewerage outfall pipe.
Below the Dunedin Gun Club and the Dunedin Pistol Club operate on the reserve area at Waldronville, Here a Permit for sand mining is in operation, the scar is easily visible at the back of the firing range.

Also ( left below) there is another site for sand mining a short walk to the right of the range behind the pistol firing range. (right below) the above pit from another angle.

Below, nice to see a planting programme taking place in the dunes beyond the gun club.

Friday, 21 September 2007

BH, Kilda and Clair the last few days

Got a sore wrist with a pulled tendon, so not supposed to be using the mouse.. so catching up with pics from a few days because I have been giving it a rest.. all these moused with my left hand... damn its hard! ever tried it? takes 5 times as long to do anything.
Below 5 images at Blackhead on the 19th:

Three below St Kilda morning of the 20th sept:

All below St Clair on the 20th late afternoon..

Middle Dune Contouring


A large barrier fence was erected at the end of Moana Rua Road last week 13th September, and new signs were erected to alert the public to keep out. However there are no signs at the beach entry points that are accessible by people at the St Clair or St Kilda ends.

Above when the new fence was erected I tried to photograph it, but it was night time.. previously the only sign up to warn the public was the one (above left) advising to take care of the planted native pikao. Also above left: a damaged fence obstructs a public access way to the beach.

Above: Recontouring of the dunes to skim off the top of the unstable fill layers making them safer to the public is finally underway. Assuming here that this is just a small portion of what needs to be done to repair the dunes, and there is alot more work to be done.

Above: A section of unstable dune and a section of re-countoured dune, which is still mainly comprised of soil fill material.
Below left: Fill material skimmed off the top of the dunes during re-contouring is stored for removal at Kettle Park Road. Above right: from the beach at St Kilda, partially re-contoured dunes.

Above: pic taken from the end of the Salt Water Pool after the diggers went through taking off the unstable areas and creating a safer slope.
I still feel strongly there needs to be public education via the press and council erected signs on beach level entry points NOT to scale or disturb the dunes. Yesterday there were many people climbing the large sand store pile at Middles and jumping down it.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Black Sheep II


Saw black sheep last week, another excellent kiwi film.. highly recommended viewing.
black sheep II is now in production, the plot moves on to using the DNA of sports stars.. I secured exclusive images of the Rob Machado surf sheep clone during filming at an undisclosed location on the Otago coast.

went for a walk today around my new neighbourhood so many new lambs around, springtime.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Trucking Out


Ready to truck out.. the house on the corner of beach Street and The Esplanade stripped of its bricks, and parted from its foundations., making way for the 5 star Hotel..


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