Thursday, 2 June 2011

Last Post

Over and Out

This blog is on hold for winter, I will be back on board in the spring.

I am still running the 'Save Aramoana' campaign this year. (Please join the facebook group for updates).

So please subscribe to my posts by RSS posts feed (top of blog on left), so when I do get back on board, fingers crossed, you will be notified of any new posts. But for now I have to let the blog idle.
namaste Nic Reeves


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort over the years Nic! It's still good coming back to your site to check out some of those epic sessions you captured.

alyinsanfran said...

Jeez I hope you're not really finishing up Nic. I read every post and enjoy every pic (especially your awesome art) so I hope some lazy wanker's vapid post hasn't spoiled it for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you are signing off Nic. It's been a pleasure to read your blog over the years. Thanks for taking the time out to capture some great surf shots of the young crew, ie Ben, Tom, Geordi, Jae, Jimi, Andy, Nathan and Chris, and also some great shots of Poppy :-) Your efforts will be missed. Take care, Kath.

Anonymous said...

I'm also sorry to see you sign off Nic. My main focus was the surf and you reminded me frequently how much I missed Otago waves (why did I leave?). But also the scenery and mood shots, the vegetable patch, guinea pigs, and updates on the environmnent et al.

Best wishes.


Unknown on 09 June, 2011 09:45 said...

Strange how this interweb thing works. Seems you become like a friend yet you've never actually met. Drop in if you're ever up this way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic! I hope this is just a temporary hiatus... you are the surf legend. And I always go to your site first to show off NZ and Dunners to people here in Chile...
I miss you and will miss my connection to you and Dunners through your blog.
A million thanks and hugs to you! You are much loved!!!
Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!!!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Cheers Nic for all the posts. Good reading and support for the local surfing community.
Rest up.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your effort hope to see you back on board again in the near future keep up the good work.

tuskedbeast on 16 June, 2011 17:32 said...

Best wishes and good energy to you, Nic. You've touched a lot of peoples lives positively with your work. You'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your site . Loved all the great photos of the surf in Dunnos. all the best



Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Nic, have enjoyed the updates and awesome pics.

All the best and hope everything works out super,


nelson on 02 August, 2011 15:51 said...

Maybe its cause you live in the most coldest place on bloody earth!!!!
Sorry havent posted sooner !!!
Love and stufff
Mark and Linda.

Brianna said...

Hi Nic!
I came to NZ 3 years ago, and was first introduced to the environment of Otago through your blog by recommendation of a friend. Needless to say, your photos got me stoked for coming over, and I've checked up regularly since. I was disappointed to see the blog is on hiatus - hope you come back soon! Thanks for the beautiful photos and a truly thoughtful and well-put-together blog (unlike so many others). Cheers!

Matt Jenks on 04 September, 2011 21:43 said...

I followed your blog when i was living in Dunedin and sadly when i had to move up north. Your photos are fantastic and capture the true stoke of being a surfer in Dunedin. I hope you are well and will be back soon. Your campaigning for the surf breaks of Dunedin has been outstanding and i think the fight for aramoana and murdererers has only just begun. Dunedin surferers and its breaks need you more than ever so hope to see you back in action. All the best Matt Jenks


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