Friday, 12 October 2007

Family Post

A bit of a catchup for my family overseas. Mum! where are you? haven't heard from you in yonks, don't tell me you have gone off in your motorhome again. I know you check my blog almost every day, let me know you're okay.
Shane celebrated his Birthday last week! Can't believe my baby is 21! We went out for lunch at Great taste with his nana, me, caity and jay. After lunch outside Shane spotted Joan butcher and I took his photo with her, he was stoked (a dunedin personality, in case you don't know who she is, the JUJU CREW wrote a song with a great video about her download here, )

Top Shane with his NANA, below with Joan Butcher.

Been in the new house for 6 weeks now, totally loving it, getting used to the smaller space, the boys are in the living room till we get an outside cage built, you can see Fugley's cage verandah in the 'inside pic' he sits on there at night and watches TV and begs for our snack food. The girls have gone to live with Amber. Outside pic of front of house with jay up the chimney fixing the aerial.
Went to the premiere of 'First Light' last week, pic of me with Harumi, Kim and Hayley.
Film was truly excellent. jay did a DVD review for it on Riders Anonymous here.



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