Monday, 1 October 2007

Sand Sausage Deterioration over 18 Months

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Personally, given the consent conditions quoted in top picture above I believe that the sand sausages were mis-managed and allowed to fall into a state of dysfunction.
There was provision within the above standing consents for them to be maintained in a state of operational reapair to ensure their effectiveness without the need to apply for additional consents.
The need to re-contour and stabilise the dunes at Middle beach was a driving force behind the recent need to begin sand mining at Tomahawk Beach. yes, resource consents were needed for this, but not for maintaing the sand sausages.
In my opinion, the beach emergency declared on the 3rd of August 2007, under the emergency powers of the resource management acts' clause 'acts of sabotage' was a deliberate act. I mean how convenient was it that, at a point where the unchecked erosion had become so severe and threatening, that the sand sausages were so perfectly destroyed by 'vandals' that it granted un-resourced unchecked damage control. This occured just a matter of days after the Tomahawk sand consents were placed on hold.



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