Monday, 29 October 2007

More munching South East Swells

Above: on the 25th of October, high seas and a lower eroded beach profile allow the run-up of the sea to wash away the sand again . Below: left, the diggers chew out the sand stockpile at Middles for placement of sand in front of the sand sausages, right- three days after the placement of the sand a large amount is washed away again.

Above:a view looking towards the Esplanade of the lowered beach profile. Below: left on the 23rd of August a few weeks after the initial coverup of the Sand Sausages.. sand levels at the base were much higher, than in the weekend (right).


Anonymous said...

This strategy of sand replenishment is clearly not effective in managing erosion in this environment! Ongoing attempts to use this strategy suggest that Council and its coastal management advisors havent a clue about how to manage coastal erosion at this site!

Dunedin City Council and its coastal management advisors need to get their "heads out of the sand" and seriously investigate practicable alternatives to sand replenishment (and hard engineering such as sea walls) if this site is to have a chance of being conserved!

What has Council done in progressing Nic and Tracey's submission to Council to urgently investigate "soft shore protection" methods as per this Bolgs "Easy Phoam search - Dune Erosion"?????


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