Saturday, 27 October 2007

Cape Classic Westport - Comp Day Two - part 2

Pictures doing the talking today, the second part of the Bayhouse Cape Classic Surf Comp hosted by the Buller Boardriders.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic,

Fantastic coverage of the Cape Classic Westport - felt like I was there! (well almost!).

Your ability to capture and express through photography the human, recreational and environmental apsects of this event is truely exceptional and suggests a deep passion and understanding.

This is an exeptional gift you have Nic.- thank you so much for sharing this with us thru your Blog!

Anonymous said...

cool comp standard of surfing looks awfully low though i bet the dunners boys would have dominated that comp if they were there. they didnt go because they get ripped off at every south island event, not good for the sport. congrats to the cristchurch boys though.

Nic on 02 November, 2007 08:11 said...

its hard to tell from pictures the standard of surfing.. perhaps its my photos that let the event down? you had to be there really, the conditions were very tough.
But there were two dunners boys who dominated anyway, Shayne Baxter (took out the longboard as well as second in the seniors ..on a longboard.. ) and Jordan Durst winning his final, as well as Hayley Coakes dominating the womens..
But as for your comment about the dunners boys being ripped off at every South Island event, if this is true, is there not some sort of tribunal that can be utilised to address this? surely not entering on that basis is self defeating.. what are your motivations to enter?

aaron Lock said...

great blog nic.
great photo's
Sorry to hear some dunedin surfers feel 'ripped off' at south island events.
I am responible for organising the judges and work hard to make the comps as fair as possible. If some surfers feel ripped off they need to let me know.


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