Monday, 1 October 2007

Some Views from today

Was taking photos for a painting project, and these were part of them, thought I'd share on the blog.. Gorgeous views of the Esplanade with the Sea Wall leading on to the Dunes. You can see Forbury Park raceway in the distance of the first photo.
The Two sportsgrounds on either side of Moana Rua Rd in the second one, and the third is pretty much the same.. but nice to see a high tide dry-sand line has returned to the beach


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic,

Beautiful pics!

Re the current interest in coastal erosion - vistors may want to chk this site out for a history lesson on what those in the Northern Hemisphere have found works (and what doesnt!).

Anonymous said...

Yes beautifil pics alright! - they show a classic example of how sea walls upset the natural erosion defence functioning of the beach / dune system!

The dry sand is forming along the beach to the north again, however, note what is happening in front of the sea wall - no dry sand! Which means the wall is upsetting the natural drying of sand vital to transport of sand (inland by the wind) and the building of fore dunes and back dunes dunes (and sand reserves) and natural barriers against sea level rise and storm events! The sand stays moist (liquified) and in the 'wet' zone and gets sucked out to sea and undermines the wall with the next high energy storm!

Nic on 08 October, 2007 07:42 said...

thanks for your responses,

that first link is very enlightening, had a good read, and yes, there are have been many mistakes made in coastal protection, most well intended at the time I guess, but what i cant understand is how these methods keep being used, when they are proven to exacerbate erosion, or cause more problems further up, or down the beach. It seems that when landward coastal property/amentiy is concerned that takes priority over preserving any beach processes.. which results in the disappearance of the dry sand and beach.


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