Monday, 31 March 2008

March 2008 - the month that was


Sunday, 30 March 2008

Turning Turtle


Only a days rest after my long weekend away working, which included a trip to the Moeraki Boulders. Been working on a new project today, as well as finishing a painting, and beginning a new one.
Just putting a post up to break the drought, speaking of which its great to be getting some rain.

If anyone has a spare room thats available to rent for a month from April/May in Dunedin by a travelling surfer, please let me know, so I can pass on the details.

Just added a few more pics from my weekend away, the historic buildings at Matanaka

& Moreki Township:

so what do you think, the new version of the copyright logo too much? okay? just having a play

Friday, 28 March 2008

Away till sunday and ODT


And I'm blown away I got a surf pic published on the front page of the ODT yesterday! Thanks for the text messages I got too :0)

And Below: Lyndon Hutton got a feature in the ODT on Monday (not my pics)!
Also check out 'The Critic' on Monday (Otago University newspaper) for an article on Lyndon Hutton.

Not my photo again, but some of the Dunedin Groms got their pic in the ODT above.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

2 sessions on 13ft of Wood

Sunday the 23rd March- The 13foot Wooden Board has almost had its first week in Dunedin, We've had a few sessions on it, and below are a few selected pics off the actual Olo Hikoi Blog.

First comments on brief viewing of the fin gathered the odd enlightening comment or two including observations that the fin closely resembled a Patu.

So the Olo finally got it's first big public outing in Dunedin after the South Island Surf Champs

Above, Jay getting close to the nose, who then palmed the board off to
Hard Core Charger Shayne Baxter

It was great to watch Shayne as he tested some limits including a sweet hang five and a sweet left.

With some grommets commenting as he cut a neat path between them
"i wouldn't want to get hit by that thing it's like a cruise liner"
Time will tell if Baccy is still keen to charge 'the island' or 'pappa's'

Monday, 24 March 2008

Hell Mission - miniscule peelers on a 13ft Board

Sunday the 23rd March - Hell Mission -A trip up the line

You may ask why the post is titled 'Hell mission', that is not so much the lack of powerful waves but the entertainment that scab and beano provided bitching about whether of not the spot was going to be working, the constant overheating of the car and the need to have the heater on FULL to alleviate the impending blowing up of the motor (on a hot day for a longish trip). The precarious manner in which the Olo was tied tandem to the car with softracks, and the constant need for scab to remind beano to slow down before his arm fell of trying to hold the board down out the window.
But by the end of the sesh they were mates again, sharing waves and smiling when they came in.

I'm stoked that Caity had a go on the board, and managed to get a few long rides. Its twice as long as her board and she's not experienced on a Mal.

I was gutted that I could ride the board too, with still nursing my injured knee, I couldn't even get closer to take pics, so most of the above were from a long distance and cropped in.

We made it back all in one piece, and all sugared up with a trip for munchies at the shop on the way home, thanks beano.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

South Islands 08 - Day 3

Another beautiful Sunrise over St Clair greeted the final day of the South Island Surf Champs.

Clean Glassy sets rolled in for the first heat of the day, the Under 18 womens.

Above; Liane working hard at the crack of dawn again. The day ran through more semi heats , and I spent some more time in the morning working on the BBQ again, so no pics from that. But did catch a few pics over lunch.

The atmosphere at the event the whole 3 days was very relaxed and infused with good spirit.

Below, the awesome crowd turnout for the Finals.

Click through to the aftersurf, and the prizegiving
post here

Saturday, 22 March 2008

South Islands 08 Day 2

St Clair was dished up a southerly snap this morning, and basically the whole day was pretty cold and overcast. Not that great for taking photos, so I held off, especially in light of camera problems in the morning, something was up, the light meter was malfunctioning so I ended up deleting a few hours worth of pics.
Caught a few before this happened of the womens semis in the morning.

Above Daisy sets up for a snap, below Hayley works another wave.

Above, the crowd was sparse, keeping warm whichever way.
when the tide hit high and the waves were reflecting back off the wall, the groms risked pole drives into the sand, on their boards, body boards, or bodysurfing. The little ones don't seem to feel the cold so much.

Below Danny Carse managed a 10 in his semi heat, powering all the way to the inside, exhilerating to watch.

Above right and below the groms were surfing like pros in their heats

There will be another post to follow of the third day.

there were many more pics taken, and I haven't the time or space to put them all up, these are just a selection of the best.

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