Monday, 24 March 2008

Hell Mission - miniscule peelers on a 13ft Board

Sunday the 23rd March - Hell Mission -A trip up the line

You may ask why the post is titled 'Hell mission', that is not so much the lack of powerful waves but the entertainment that scab and beano provided bitching about whether of not the spot was going to be working, the constant overheating of the car and the need to have the heater on FULL to alleviate the impending blowing up of the motor (on a hot day for a longish trip). The precarious manner in which the Olo was tied tandem to the car with softracks, and the constant need for scab to remind beano to slow down before his arm fell of trying to hold the board down out the window.
But by the end of the sesh they were mates again, sharing waves and smiling when they came in.

I'm stoked that Caity had a go on the board, and managed to get a few long rides. Its twice as long as her board and she's not experienced on a Mal.

I was gutted that I could ride the board too, with still nursing my injured knee, I couldn't even get closer to take pics, so most of the above were from a long distance and cropped in.

We made it back all in one piece, and all sugared up with a trip for munchies at the shop on the way home, thanks beano.



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