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DCC to help fund stadium

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The stadium will go ahead. I think it totally SUCKS!!
How can the DCC input 91.4 million dollars towards this?? when there are sewerage and stormwater issues throughout Dunedin, not to mention multi millions of dollars to be spent on a erosion protection solution along Ocean Beach. When the public transport system needs upgrading to accommodate rising fuel prices.
Last year council approved 5.6million of ratepayer funds for feasibility studies, which works out at about $30,000 a day, this increased rates by 4% .. whats 91.4 million going to do?
on reclaimed land so close to sea level, with a DCC accepted predicted sea level rise of 30cm in the next 50 years.

They polled the businesses of Dunedin, and decided that most of them wanted the stadium built, but what really counts are the ratepayers, and the results of another poll said 69% did NOT want the DCC to fund any part of the stadium that would involve rates increases.
I say ASSHOLES to the DCC, and to the spineless city councillors who have NOT listened to what the majority of the citizens wanted..

Mar 17, 2008 9:17 PM

The Dunedin City Council will help fund a new covered stadium to replace Carisbrook.

The council voted 12 to two on Monday night to provide the trust with $91.4 million towards the $188 million multi-purpose stadium.

It took the council nearly seven hours of debate to come to a decision.
Debate centred around the impact council funding would have on ratepayers.
The public galleries were packed with people for and against.

A number of terms and conditions have been set by the council to provide it with exit points at any stage.
Carisbrook Stadium Trust Chair Malcolm Farry says he is rapt with the decision and can now work even harder towards bringing the stadium to fruition.

The stadium, covered with an ethylene roof, is proposed for the north end of the city.
The University of Otago would be a partner and would have teaching facilities at the stadium.

The stadium trust says it would be ready for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. It would be set up to house 25,000 but that could be stretched to 30,000 for big events.


The decision speaks volumes - it means that DCC is arrogant and ignorant and has lots of mates - which means that in relation to Ocean Beach they will get their way regardless of whats best for the environment. It also means that unless the surfing community wakes up and acts real soon they will get what they deserve a F...d beach!!!

I scanned this anti stadium flyer last year:


Anonymous said...

maybe we could hit up ngai tahu for the monies to assist with the improvements to water quality given its significance and tapu....

finny in london

Anonymous said...

Yes Nic you are so right, we need
to make a stand, all stop paying our rates may shake them up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic,

have to totally disagree with you on this one. the stadium will be a great thing for the city (both for businesses and ratepayers like me). i think a very key thing to remember is that we need to move forward commercially. standing still is going backwards and the stadium will bring more monies to the city from increased sporting events, tourism and ultimately more students. whislt it may cost a buck or two more in rates i would rather see a more vibrant positive city that is on the map and going somewhere. also sick of watching rugby with a freezing cold southerly and sideways rain:)

love your work with saving the beach and also your Phoam site. very impressed.

Fellow surfer...

more than a drinker a thinker said...

Believing in myth is no excuse to not think!

Building the stadium is a small cost!
it's the constant upkeep thats going to be the killer shit 300 people turning up to a game aint going to pay the hot dog stand rent !
Rugby is a PAST top sport in NZ shopping is now a more popular pastime! Shopping!
no one attends cos they can watch it live on tv smoking a joint or drinking a beer at a $1 a can not $4!
Wake the fuck up to the facts!
* Average wage in dunnos $14,500 (rest NZ $18,500).
* Population 123,000 growth here is 6% in the other main centers its 16% to 44%.
* Major promoters have said dunnos does not have the catchment area for concerts ect...
* Sea level rise
* no private backing
* And hows it bringing monies to the city?
* How is more drunken rugby fans hitting town after a game make the city more vibrant and better for tourism ?
i say if they're going to build it, do it in south dunedin then one day it will make a good reef.
P.S i'll ask you in 52 years when your on a pension how paying for its upkeep is going! until then don't listen to daddy he's an idiot !

Anonymous said...

Stadium ?. They havn't finished the
sea wall yet, slippery stairs, wobbly handrails, rusty ramp, erosion, lack of car parks, broken
glass everywhere....

Anonymous said...

anyone who doesnt think rugby
(the stadiums primary income source) is not a dying sport is deluded
have a look around
figures back it up all over the show
may get a boost from world cup coming up - but it will be temporary

rugger bugger said...

At least when the stadiums up during the first game if it falls down the IQ of Dunedin will suddenly Quadruple!
I'm praying!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Nic - this is an appalling decision given that the reason for not upgrading sewerage treatment to tertiary treatment was because it cost too much. I doubt that the stadium will ever bring in anything near the figures estimated (a rugby only venue and unless Dunedin could snare WOMAD off New Plymouth no hope of attracting any major name entertainment because of location and population). We are spending that much to attract short-term hordes we can't accomodate. Most of the visitors I see coming here are for the natural features (wildlife, scenery) yet some of our prime wildlife beaches have signs warning the water is full of sewerage and unsafe for swimming or fishing... what sort of marketing is that? The sooner Dunedin gets over its "Small City" syndrome and accepts it is New Zealand's best Big Town the better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you Nic ! Im dreading the timeframe in which its going to take to build this massive waste of space . I live in The Bay and the bullshit road dramas thats going to effect how quickly I can get to the south coast for a surf is already pissing me off!!!Not to mention Im over rugby and the amount of money this country pours into it and as a rate payer I can't believe I have to support this pig of a project . DCC, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!Kimberleyxox

Anonymous said...

dear all - it's not a rugby staduim. can you see past that & the benefits it will bring or are your eyes wide shut?

nic @ phoam on 20 March, 2008 09:29 said...

Not a rugby stadium?, definately not a cricket stadium, NZ cricket has already said they wont support it, you can't hit a good 6! - the roof. Not enough of a population catchment for large concerts of any consequence, the town hall does just fine. What other events would be held there? the festival procession? round and round the field = loss of a character Dunedin event etc
Benefits are for businesses & employment (temporary)associated with construction and maintenance. Costs for this construction will rise due to increasing fuel prices for transportation and of the production of construction materials.
Its the individual ratepayers who are funding pretty much half of the stadium, via the councils financial committment. Rates are set to increase 75% over the next 8 years (approx).. which will increase more due to rising interest rates as a result of the very real economic downturn.. these rates increases will be passed on by landlords to the students in increased rents making it less attractive to come to Dunedin to study.
Not sure if you saw this interview on Campbell Live ( )- ex head of world bank who said that NZ should be spending now on infrastructure to respond to global warming highlighting the need for more efficient and supportive transport systems and city infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

I’ve got to agree with all those opposed to the new stadium. When will Dunedin realise it is too small for these grand plans, and instead look outside the square for things that are unique to Dunedin rather than always trying to be part of the bigger crowd and copy everyone else. Lets be original. To build a stadium that will end up having crowds of 7,000 is such a good use of money, and for those who think concerts will come, get real, with increasing costs they may not even come to NZ let alone Dunedin with its historically poor attendance. I really hope Dunedin Council and all the other supporters finally realise their stupidity before bankrupting Dunedin for years to come.


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