Sunday, 30 March 2008

Turning Turtle

Only a days rest after my long weekend away working, which included a trip to the Moeraki Boulders. Been working on a new project today, as well as finishing a painting, and beginning a new one.
Just putting a post up to break the drought, speaking of which its great to be getting some rain.

If anyone has a spare room thats available to rent for a month from April/May in Dunedin by a travelling surfer, please let me know, so I can pass on the details.

Just added a few more pics from my weekend away, the historic buildings at Matanaka

& Moreki Township:

so what do you think, the new version of the copyright logo too much? okay? just having a play


Anonymous said...

it detracts from photograph but you have a right to earn a living enjoy the site from a old local boy living in the land of OZ keep up the good work. from a st clair boy.

Anonymous said...

Where people poaching your photos even with the other one?
Copyright watermark is a bit intrusive, but agree with the above poster, do what you gotta do.

Hey, thanks for the room-needed mention! Very cool of you.


Anonymous said...

Um, that's "Were".


nic @ phoam on 04 April, 2008 09:17 said...

Big HI to St Clair Boy!

And yes, putting pics on the web makes them fair game to being poached. I haven't decided if I will take it off yet, actually I don't like it myself.
I never intended for the blog to be a means to make a living, but do appreciate the support via the occasional order.
I always vowed too that the blog would be 'google add free' which keeps it clean and personal.

dumbbell said...

lovin the perspective and lens distortion on the hut. You must have some wide as glass. Re the copyright, yup, it does take away from the image and the sheer pleasure of viewing it. But as others say, you gotta do what you gotta do.


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