Saturday, 22 March 2008

South Islands 08 Day 2

St Clair was dished up a southerly snap this morning, and basically the whole day was pretty cold and overcast. Not that great for taking photos, so I held off, especially in light of camera problems in the morning, something was up, the light meter was malfunctioning so I ended up deleting a few hours worth of pics.
Caught a few before this happened of the womens semis in the morning.

Above Daisy sets up for a snap, below Hayley works another wave.

Above, the crowd was sparse, keeping warm whichever way.
when the tide hit high and the waves were reflecting back off the wall, the groms risked pole drives into the sand, on their boards, body boards, or bodysurfing. The little ones don't seem to feel the cold so much.

Below Danny Carse managed a 10 in his semi heat, powering all the way to the inside, exhilerating to watch.

Above right and below the groms were surfing like pros in their heats

There will be another post to follow of the third day.

there were many more pics taken, and I haven't the time or space to put them all up, these are just a selection of the best.



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