Tuesday, 18 March 2008

One wave

Just one acceptable pic from Tuesday arvo, shooting from the top of the dunes up John Willie.
I was pretty gutted on monday night, when I screwed my knee up again out surfing with Caity. Going to be a few weeks again at least till I can climb over rocks and down dunes to get photos, and of course that also puts me out of the water for another month (apparantly) too.
Argh I hate getting old!.. and being a kook


t2 said...

Hey Nic

Get to a physio asap
its just about free (was last year unless something has changed...I thunk $10 for first visit only from memory)
will get you back in the water in quicker than just resting it

nic @ phoam on 19 March, 2008 21:45 said...

thanks T2

I just finished 10 physio sessions two weeks ago from when I did the same thing in November. It felt pretty strong, but still went again.
It mustn't have helped

t2 said...

oh rude
maybe you shouldnt have been going
so vertical on your reos and
just eased back into it then
bummer...injury really sucks

nic @ phoam on 19 March, 2008 22:38 said...

The only vertical I get going is straight down a green face, when I have the guts too



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