Sunday, 8 January 2012

HeliOtago Flight Over Dunedin

Our HeliOtago Pilot Jason Frost-Evans, himself a keen surfer, I felt as safe as anything, never even had a thought of anything going wrong, having said this, I dedicate this post to the people who died in the hot air balloon crash today in Carterton.
Here flying over my beloved home suburb of Waldronville, Bogunville. With the Kaikorai Estuary on the foreground Estuary in the foreground, Blackhead Beach in the back with Blackhead headland top left.
Below: Our little chunk of paradise, you can see the short walk to the esturay from the back of our section over the reserve, and the golf course to the left.
Below, three surfers out at Blackhead Beach
Above: approaching Blackhead Headland with the sandstone cliffs leading to Dunedin.
Below: The other side of the Quarried Blackhead headland looking back towards Saddle Hill and the expanse of vegetation covered sandhills between the Blackhead beach and Waldronville.

Above: Tunnel Beach , the orange arrow points to the entrance to the tunnel dug into the sandstone that goes down to the beach, you can just make out 2 people standing on the beach.
Below: The Cliffs on which Cargills castle is Built, with St Clair and Dunedin City in the Background

Above: Cargills Castle on top of the Cliffs
Below: Beloved St Clair with a couple of nice waves breaking over the point.
Above: Industrial area of Dunedin City
Below: The New Dunedin Stadium, next to the other big Quarry in Dunedin, it is 50 metres deep. The area on which the stadium has been built is reclaimed land just 600mm above sea level approx.

Above: Invermay Animal lab/testing unit, I spent quite some time working and learning there when I was doing my Vet Nursing study at Polytech 89-91
Below: Me with my son Shane, and good friend Lisa who took the heli trip
Thinking of booking a ride of your own?

More pics to come as they become relavent to stories I cover on my blog. Blackhead Headland and the Friends of Blackhead.
The Ocean beach Saga etc.



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