Thursday, 29 December 2011

FOOD BILL - Our right to Have Vege Gardens under threat??

There is a piece of legislation going through NZ parliament at the moment called the Food Bill. There is not much information in the media because the media aren’t or can’t talk about it. It will be snuck through faster than a greasy pig while we are on holidays in January. We need action now to get 50,000 signatures – already nearly 13,000 have signed – not enough and we potentially have less than TWO WEEKS.
Sign this petition to show that you oppose Food Bill 160-2 READ HERE

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It is a huge attack on our individual freedom and rights under the guise of protecting our safety. (the same excuse that is used in the US to curb our human rights)

The Food Bill 160-2 will seriously impede initiatives like community gardens, food co-ops, heritage seed banks, farmers markets, bake sales, and roadside fruit & vegetable stalls.
Just like the Otepotei Urban Organics
About OtepotiDunedin's network for anyone interested in growing food in their back yards or urban environments anywhere in Otago or Southland. We love to see people creating new gardens and learning how to manage them sustainably. And do ya know what we like most of all? Radical cats who join our seed savers network and participate in our 'Adopt-a-Crop' initiative, where you help to keep a heirloom or open pollinated vegetable variety going and share it with the rest of our seed savers network! visit our website at for more info, and email to join the mailing list and receive a seed catalog! Woooo hooo veggies are sooo goooooood.

It is effectively companies like Monsanto preparing the way for total food control.
Affecting seed banks like the awesoem one we have at Otepoti

Food Bill update from Sue Kedgley


by Sue Kedgley

So many people have contacted us with their concerns about the Food Bill that I requested a further meeting with officials to discuss these concerns (officials have already agreed to amend the bill to make it clear it will not apply to seed saving, in response to a request from me.)

I concluded from my briefing with officials that the Food Bill has ended up inadvertently capturing things like home gardening, bartering and seed exchange, which should never have been covered in the bill in the first place, because of its broad coverage and definitions (eg its definition of sale includes bartering).


Andy said...

This petition is scare mongering at its worst.

If anyone bothered to read the bill carefully, particularly the aim of the bill, who it affects, who is exempt, etc you will find it is aimed at those in the business of trading in food on a commercial level, and exempts those who are not, except insofar as those who are exempt are still required to follow food handling safety regulations.

it provides no more powers against the public than fisheries, customs, SFO, IRD, etc already have.

So to say it is an attack on your personal vege garden, or restricts home cooking for fund raising activities etc is clearly misleading, and this petition is clearly politically motivated. designed .


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