Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Golden Glow

I was filming late this evening when Luke Grubb asked to take some shots on my stills camera.. there wasn't much light left, but what did cast over Clair was a magnificent orange gold glow. here are a few of his shots. The last sequence quite photoshopped to make up for the lack of light.

Above leroy and below hayley

Below.. geordi.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Kilda at 40,000


Today taking pics at Kilda I hit 40,000 shutter clicks on the canon since May last year.

A couple from Clair

yesterday.. while pausing a driving lesson for Caitlin

Friday, 26 September 2008

Top breaks to be national parks?

copied from stuff.co.nz
Six of the country's best surf breaks are just a short ride away from getting national park status.
By PHIL HAMILTON - The Press | Friday, 26 September 2008

Under the Department of Conservation's proposed coastal policy, the six surf breaks of national significance Shipwrecks in Ahipara, Raglan, Stent Road in Taranaki, White Rock in the Wairarapa, Mangamaunu near Kaikoura and Papatowai in the Catlins would become protected surfing reserves.

However, the Christchurch City Council has opposed the move at hearings this week despite none of the breaks falling within its boundaries.

(pic: CORY SCOTT/The Press - NOT EXPENDABLE: Daniel Kereopa, of Raglan, drops into a giant wave at Papatowai in the Catlins, one of six breaks that could get national park status.)

Christchurch surfer and lawyer Jonathan McCarthy, who will speak at the hearings today on behalf of Surfing NZ and Surfers Environmental Advocacy, said it was essential the breaks were protected as other surf spots had been considered expendable in the past by local and central government.

He cited the Whangamata marina controversy and a famous wave in Mundaca, Spain that disappeared after dredging to deepen a harbour destroyed the sand bars.

"Literally overnight they destroyed one of the world's greatest waves," he said. "That is the equivalent of climbers no longer being able to climb Aoraki or Everest."

He said surfing reserves were the only way of ensuring waves were protected, with both access by surfers and the swell guaranteed. It would prevent such activities as high density mussel farms or sand dredging that could ruin a wave or block the swell getting in.

McCarthy said New Zealand trailed Australia which had already established surfing reserves in New South Wales and Victoria.

Long-time Christchurch surfer, photographer and teacher Warren Hawke said it was an idea whose time had come."It's timely it happens now because of of the growth of things like mussel farming," he said."It's really important recreational users of the sea, their use is protected in the future."As they say, we are caretakers for our children."

The 55-year-old, who is the principal of Governors Bay School, first surfed Mangamaunu in 1969 and said it deserved to be included among the nation's six best spots."It's the classic Rincon-style (in California) point break, it's very well known, people can see it from the main road and tourists often stop there to watch the surfers."Hawke said he would like to see Banks Peninsula's Hickory and Magnet bays also made surfing reserves.

Christchurch council healthy environment programme manager Jenny Ridgen said the council was not opposed to surf breaks but to the principle and approach of protecting one particular leisure activity. "This is just one of many issues along with diving spots and fishing spots," she said. "But it seems to have been given specific preference and our concern is it sets it above other things that are equally important to others."

Ridgen said the council believed the protection of nationally significant surf spots would come under another policy that covered the maintenance and enhancement of natural sites of particular value for outdoor recreation. "We don't think it's good policy."

The hearings will conclude in mid-December and recommendations for the coastal policy will then be sent to the Minister of Conservation.

EDIT by nic: This all has to do with the review of the NZ Coastal Policy Statement.. policy 20.. checkout some shit with it at http://save-ocean-beach.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Strong Westerlies


I've added a new feature to the blog.. a Blog Roll.. which is a link list of some select NZ surf Blogs and other blogs I manage.. scroll down the right tool bar and check the feature out. They will update automatically with new posts as they are made.
Has been blowing the last few days, and St Clair has been pumping both on the point and the inside.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Beach Cleanup Day


Above, the group that turned up at 9am. Over the morning at least twice as many filtered in and set off with bags to clean up.
Below right Scott and Keith, the two saddle hill comunity board organisers with just a portion of the rubbish collected. Left the after BBQ. And way belwo, Andy painitng over the graffiti in the domain public toilets.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


As part of the Clean up New Zealand Week the

~ Saddle Hill Community Board ~ will be hosting at Brighton a

~ Community Clean Up day ~

When: Saturday the 13th of September 9.00am until Midday Where: At the Brighton Domain carpark (thats the big domain with the playing fields).

Afterwards a BBQ will be supplied for all the volunteers who have helped with the clean up. What to bring, yourself a friend, some warm clothes and a smile. We will supply the gloves and rubbish bags.

~ The community cleanup group will be focusing on cleaning up the streets and parks around Brighton and Ocean View, but a group of surfers from Big Rock will be working on cleaning up and down the coastline from Ocean View to Taieri Mouth.

If you ever have surfed down that way you'd know that in the many lay-bys and off-road carparks at certain breaks there is alot of rubbish, and also along the beaches. I think its a great opportunity to pitch in with the local community to make our environment more pleasant to use, and for the wildlife with whom we share the space. We hope to arrange a special cleanup of the Kaikorai Estuary within the next month.

I encourage all surfers and beach lovers to join in this cleanup on Saturday whether you are a member of a club, just an individual, or other community group .. we are all from the same planet and enjoy the same environment.

Above, rubbish dumped at Blackhead.

Sea Lion at St Kilda

In the newspaper a bit the last week, the Sea Lion has had some focus.
First article 'What are you doing on my beach?'.

The photos in the newspaper article above were taken within the hour after I filmed the same Sea Lion at St Kilda, chasing three surfers and a bodyboarder out of the water of which the film below is about. (thanks to local band Junk Shop Star for the music once again.)

Then a few more articles, a few days later.

On the Esplanade


Spring is into gear, new things continue to pop up everywhere, and leave.
For a while there the Blue van of Jeffs was a fixture parked at the esplanade, its now gone. but was cool to know he was there for a yak or familiar face.

Above right.. due to all the sand, its now possible to use the Surf lifesaving ramp again, which carsey made good use of. so much sand.. he got bogged.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Happy Birthday Amber !

!! 19 today !!
have an awesome day my angel, was great to see you in the weekend

Pic of me and you on your 13th birthday when you got your belly button pierced.

Sunday, 7 September 2008



Stuffed around at St Clair Sat arvo after a great surf at Warrington, just three of us out with awesome 1ft clean longboard peelers.

Anyways, back at Clair, Hayley had a blast on my camera and got the sikest sequence of Lyndon getting barelled.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Beach profile raising at St Clair


The sand is back on the beach in front of the sea wall, thanks to some recent east Swells.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

wary of the whites at St Clair

got a message before
""Hey Nic, how's it going? I just got back from a nice trip over the south island with some sweet surf in Kaikoura and Christchurch, but now i'm back in dunedin and I heard there are some great whites spotted and the advise is not to go in the water around st. clair.. Do you know anything about that? Cheers!"

so I haven't heard anything about it, but maybe someone else has? better to be safe than sorry.
Also forgot to post this lot a month back, it was just after we had those big rains, and the water up and down the coast was really muddy

Above, Andy, below, Jay and Jimmy

Some foam spray... and a closeup of it

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Prefab panels Popping Up


The Motel is slowly growing, with concrete prefab panels being slotted in strategically like a house of cards.

Below, a little taste of the finished product.

The old white house next to the Esplanade Apartments was recently sold, and is being gutted out and converted into a cafe.
Developer is Stephen Chittock.. Pic to left was taken off the ODT website Source article here: on Fri, 1 Aug 2008.
"Development of the fourth of six potential licensed premises at the St Clair Esplanade is under way, with an estimated $400,000 conversion of a $1.3 million house into a bar and cafe making good progress.

The modest raised beachfront home, owned for decades by the Thomas family, was recently purchased for $1.3 million. Chittock has in recent years purchased nine of the 11 residential properties within the Esplanade block and owns the beachfront motels and Mansions apartment block. It will have seating for 80 indoors, 30 in a courtyard and 20 on a deck with a conservatory area in front of the existing facade. To be named Swell Cafe. "


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