Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Prefab panels Popping Up

The Motel is slowly growing, with concrete prefab panels being slotted in strategically like a house of cards.

Below, a little taste of the finished product.

The old white house next to the Esplanade Apartments was recently sold, and is being gutted out and converted into a cafe.
Developer is Stephen Chittock.. Pic to left was taken off the ODT website Source article here: on Fri, 1 Aug 2008.
"Development of the fourth of six potential licensed premises at the St Clair Esplanade is under way, with an estimated $400,000 conversion of a $1.3 million house into a bar and cafe making good progress.

The modest raised beachfront home, owned for decades by the Thomas family, was recently purchased for $1.3 million. Chittock has in recent years purchased nine of the 11 residential properties within the Esplanade block and owns the beachfront motels and Mansions apartment block. It will have seating for 80 indoors, 30 in a courtyard and 20 on a deck with a conservatory area in front of the existing facade. To be named Swell Cafe. "



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