Sunday, 29 June 2008

Big Drizzly n Cold


Yesterday was cold, miserable and drizzly. A raw and bumpy 4ft south east swell was pushed along the otago coast.

Above, left Andy tucks into a reform. Right Jimmy out back paddling in with Andy about to collect a closeout.

Below, Jay has an early lunch of beans on toast.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Big Rock Matariki - Ugly Board Comp


At the start of the Big Rock Boardriders first fun comp.. holding a selection of boards for the 'Ugly Boards' comp. Below, 'Big Rock' on the left looks over brighton beach.

Above top.. Jimmy kicking back during the longboard heat, left Caity in the longboard final with jay on the right.

ProCam gallery on surf2surf


Was stoked to get a series of photos from the Cold Water Classic 2008 run on surf2surf website
link to gallery here

Sunday, 22 June 2008

2008 Cold Water Classic - Day 3

Day 3, the finals day!

The morning bagan minus the blue sky, so the mornings' shots were cloud laden and dull, but definitely NOT the surfing.

Expression Session was 'neoprene free' which was challenging in the ten degree waters. about ten braved the chill for a 20 minute session.

Above: Surge tucks in to a green chiller with five over the nose. below: Winner of the expression session was Llewelyn thomas (right), who wore a bikini, and proceeded to strip the top off while surfing. left: baccy pulls an air and hoots from the crowd


Friday, 20 June 2008

Hotel taking form

A foggy morning before work.

Above.. a local beachie

Monday, 16 June 2008

Cold Water Classic 08 - Day 2


A few more added, have moved my studio into another room, and its nowhere near the heat pump, and damn its like an icebox in here! so have been away from the computer keeping warm the last few days.

I am really dribbling these photos out.. sorry, this post is just the beginning of only Day 2 (of 3 days). So just a few till I finished some more tonight after work.
There is also a video coming, when I can work out the glitch of my computer not recognising my DV cam (capture device offline), I hate technology.
ABove, Andy, Jimmy and Hayley checking out Mungas in the am before we went to meatworks for day 2. below, the line of overnight stay motorhomes, as the sun rose and hit the peaks, then Tom and Danny.

Friday, 13 June 2008

:: Art Project :: Kims Surfboard Artwork

After the drama with using the fake sharpies on my BigT Surfboard Artwork, I splashed out and ordered the real McCoy, POSCAS, which are used by surfboard and skateboard artists all over the world. They are a water based paint pen ordered from The Blend.

So this artwork is a commission piece for my good mate Kim. Her board is an epoxy webber, which had yellowed considerably. The brief was to create an artwork on the top third of the board of one of her loves, horses. Also to take the focus off the yellowing of the board, and make it look like its meant to be that colour.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Jimmy in the News & Big Rock is back


Most of Dunedin doesn't get the weekly newspaper the Taieri Herald, only Taieri, Mosgeil, Brighton, Waldronville and Green Island I think.
Jimmy Crooks did pretty well at the Cold Water Classic and being a Brighton resident was interviewed for an article which ran this week on the back cover, which is kind of like front cover exposure.
- Big Rock Boardriders.
If anyone is interested there is a meeting this Saturday night 7pm at the 'South Seas Gallery', 1088 Brighton Rd, Brighton .. for anyone who is interested in being involved in the new Brighton based surf club Jimmy and his mates are resurrecting. His dad Lindsay Crooks was involved in it in the early 90's and he's keen to carry on the legacy. Geared towards family fun days, theme board surfing events, long, short, knee or booger & Drug Free.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Swan, Shag & Duck

Had a great morning taking photos of a settlement south of me for a project, and while waiting to be picked up I did a bit of a study of the bird wildlife in the area. The lighting was superb..

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Cold Water Classic 08 - Day 1 part 2

Starting off from a longboard heat, Leroy Rust hangs ten.

Above, the man that was responsible for the sanest element of the comp.. COFFEE !!!
Below, Tom ripping in his heat.

Below left, nearing the end of a stunning day. Right, Jimmy and Andy .. umm

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