Thursday, 15 May 2008

:: Art Project :: BigT Surfboard Artwork

A much loved board... gets a makeover.

I used sharpies, because I had read an internet article that they were excellent for surfboard artworks, I was pretty stoked that I had picked up a 15 pack off trademe for $15 last year.
It was extremely fun doodling on the board, and the design organically evolved, not trying to make anything in particular .. I grew an understanding of the pens, and how I could apply them through trial and error .. drawing light over dark and allowing the solvent in the pens to erase previous colours. I guess that whole issue of 'solvent dissolve' should have rung the alarm bells.
Below, Almost finished.

Above the pens I used, which turned out to be FAKE Sharpies made in China, why I didn't even think to check? I discovered their uselessness upon applying the clear sealer over the artwork.
I did a test patch with Dulux Enamel spray ( which was recommended to me to use) and it bled the inks terribly. So I used Plasticote Acrylic Spray sealer, which didn't make the pens bleed, but did give them an ugly stipple finish in the lighter colours.
Below, the board before the clear spray job.

Now after 48 hours the clear coast has dried fully, and after work I am going to wax up and do a test drive. Really looking forward to getting back on BigT.
17th May.. waxed it up yesterday, took it very gently light layers first (thanks for the tip Hails).
But first I changed len's to my 50mm to get a closeup of the stippling of the markers after the spray was applied.


Anonymous said...

Wicked Nic!!! So how much you charge for a board revamp?? My Webber yellow!Keen for some mean art on it.Keep it in mind.... Kimberley.Ps to the guy who left his wettie at the spit, I have it!! Nic has my cell no. Mahalo

nic @ phoam on 16 May, 2008 11:10 said...

heya Kim .. we'll talk turkey when I see you next, need to get the proper pens first.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Useful art. Perhaps you could paint cars too!

nic @ phoam on 17 May, 2008 18:55 said...

thanks. Many years ago I painted a stock car with graphics, and I've done a few bike tanks.

Anonymous said...

haha, i just finished drawing a design on my new surfboard! i've been searching the net for a way to seal my marker design to the board, and you've been the most help, thanks!

i was wondering how the plasticote held up in the long run?
i wonder if polyurethane would work..??


nic on 15 March, 2009 19:58 said...

plasticote turned out shit actually.
I'd suggest taking to your local shaper/glasser for a seal coat from them

This is the board 6 months later, most has rubbedd off


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