Friday, 2 May 2008

The Pilgrimage - to Protecting our Surf breaks

Wouldn't you know it, our beloved St Clair.. out of all the worlds' classic breaks us locals get to fulfill a dream that so many surfers in the world are unable to.
I don't do reviews on this blog, google adds or product plugs (although I have received many emails and offers of products to do so).. but I am putting this one up, because its my photo that features in the article about St Clair, so I'm stoked about my first 'book published' photo.
With respect to the author I fuzzed the words, so you'll have to buy the book to check out what they say.

Title:The Pilgrimage: 50 Places To Surf Before You Die
Author:Sean Doherty
Publisher:Viking Australia

Surfing is an obsession, and many a surfer has thrown away life-as-he-once-knew-it for a single wave.In The Pilgrimage some of the world's top surf writers pay tribute to 50 of the world's best waves - the breaks which have become so much part of surfing folklore that they've developed a life force of their own. This book is sure to become a classic.
You can buy online here
or at Whitcoulls in town

And here is my extra plug too.. previously on this blog here I asked for local support for a submission for the NZ coastal Policy statement
Policy 20- protection of surf breaks of National significance.
With St Clair given the above book mention, and the recent worldwide interest in many of our other Otago/Southland breaks, I really think we have something to protect.
Seems there is no support from readers.. maybe this tool from the Surfbreak Protection Society may get some local interest flowing:

Surfbreak Assesment tool
Download Now
If you think the local break might be at risk, plug in to our SPS Issue Assessment tool. This is a questionnaire that provides a reliable way of assessing whether or not your favourite spot is threatened.

From the Surfbreak Website: "Download it from our website and get a group together to work through it - it will both provide an objective evaluation of the risk - plus, through the discussions along the way, bring together the core of your local action group should it be needed. Another way of SPS providing national support for local action."

We have 5 days to get a submission in.. if you want to help please let me now and we can set up a meeting this weekend. ( phoam.arts (at) gmail dot com)


Anonymous said...

Hi Nic,

Good work in regards to highlighting the issues in regards to the St Clair Sea Wall and longshore removal of sand from the coastline, especially my home break of middles (back in the day).

I am a Natural Resources engineer having studied at Canterbury University. The Geohazards paper I studied which included coastal erosion was taught by Dr David Bell and Dr Tim Davies, both of who may be able to comment on Dunedin's issues if asked politely.

What I think is that the removal of sand progressively from the coastal region as a whole is the damming of our great rivers, especially the Clutha. With reduced sediment load reaching the ocean, sand does not migrate to our areas to replace that removed by storm events. Look at what happened to Blackhead over time as sediments , now contained onsite are not allowed to blow down into the sea (due to mining).
I am a strong advocate of passive retention of sand, being perpendicular driven pile walls/groynes projecting out from the beach (25-50metres) with supplementary geotextile sausages at intermediate points between and other rehabilitation works such as grading back the existing sea wall to allow for wave energy to dissipate as it rolls slowly up an incline. all these things work to retain sand. what should be of concern to the DCC is the example set by Motunau, north of Canterbury, where houses that are close to cliff erosion are now not insured by insurers due to the risk. To do nothing means that the DCC runs the risk of Insurance companies not insuring any of the houses in South Dunedin if this continues. I can be contacted on +61413619855. GStar

Ryan on 06 May, 2008 19:27 said...

Looks like a sweet book... I'll keep my eye out for it. Nice photo that was published.


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