Monday, 12 May 2008

Nothing New till 2009

Back in March this year, after seeing the sign in this shop window when away on my work weekend camp, my co-worker and I made a pact that we were not going to buy anything new till 2009. And to bring personal debt to ZERO.
This excluded newspapers, food, (special clause for me a new wettie), personal hygene products and underwear. If we were buying a pressie for someone else it had to be hand crafted and one off to support local artists/craftspeople.
I have found it very difficult, but tell you what I have been saving money! When I go into shops I abort the aimless wandering looking at products wondering if I 'need them' if they catch my eye. What are you doing to curb the endless spending our society tends to be indulging in of late? How much do you owe?


Anonymous said...

The most effective way to curb spending is to become a pensioner and cut up your cards.


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