Sunday, 25 May 2008

Drive Thru NZ review

I wish I could actually write a real review.. but because I didn't ensure I got a front seat at the Cellar Bar I couldn't see the screen, or hear the movie very well.
But I will say a big thank you to the guy in the Poofy Grey Cardigan for obscuring my view (and the other 12 people around me) during the whole film.


Anonymous said...

lol, the cardi guy was a hoot if not a better door than a window!! But who was the person to organise a film in such a dumb place!! for it is he (im thinking it is he)is the dumb one. I better just sign off as K. CANT WAIT FOR U TO START MY BOARD!!!!!!.

nic @ phoam on 27 May, 2008 20:55 said...

ha ha K yep certainly made for amemorable night, just looking forward to watching it properly, you'll have to come over with the crew and watch it here when it arrives (on order)in the comfort of our tiny living room. Can start your board when I get back from Kaiks.. end next week..


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