Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Classic 1967 Batman surfing episode

Just watched on TV the craziest Batman episode from 1967
SURF'S UP JOKERS UNDER - Where Batman surfs against the Joker in the world champnships at Gotham Point. What I loved was the 'Surfing and Experience Ability Transferometer' .. man I so wish one of those gadgets were real! .. and the 'shark repellant bat spray' in his utility belt which gave him the 50 points to win the comp!

Chief Ohara and the commissioner were undercover hodads with the obligatory 'old shaper' Hot Dog Harrigan, they all hung out at the hang five. The Jokers' accomplices were riptide and wipeout with the secret headquarters at the ten toes surfboard shop.

Also click through to youtube and watch part 2 & part 3



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