Saturday, 30 June 2007

June 2007 - the month that was


A Dogs' Day


Friday, 29 June 2007

Tomahawk Sand Consent on Hold


Above: recent major erosion of the dunes at two thirds to Middles
Below: Marked deterioration of the sand sausages.

Below: Area of proposed dune restoration at Middle Beach

Above: Tommahawk beach.
Below: Proposed areas for sand dune restoration, and storage.

If they put the plan for sand mining and dune restoration at Tomahawk on hold due to the project not being able supply enough sand to remedy the erosion at Middles.. I assume the intention of re-contouring the dunes at Tomahawk was just a screen for acquiring the sand.. correct me if I am wrong, but was the crux of the project the 'instability of the dunes and need for re-contouring? Did not a councilor state in a letter to the editor that none of the sand was going to be used at St Clair or middles anyway?
I'm confused

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

same again

Most pics below from today.. one in there from yesterday I missed putting up.


Also yesterday just to document the happenings from St Clair.. most will have seen the massive logs/stumps that have been washed onto the rocks at the base of the sea wall at St Clair.

wave action has picked them up and turned them into battery rams onto the sea wall, causing alot of damage some 'chips' out of the panels are the size of a dinner plate.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Bliss and Blue Skies

.. after Annie had her hold .. there were a few blissful spots around Otago today, weather is set to improve over the next few days too.

Monday, 25 June 2007

'Pitbulls of the Sea'


In the 'letters to the editor' columns in the Otago Daily Times newspaper the last few weeks there has been some vigirous debate over our local Sea Lion colonies.

The debate was initially sparked by the following letter by Rod Rust:

The Editor,
Otago Daily Times,
Dear Sir,

I was horrified to read in Saturday's paper about domestic cats killing Penguins in Oamaru and yesterday further outraged to have it confirmed that sea lions are chomping through the world's rarest Penguin - our yellow eye!

However, the worst news to me was that the Department of Conservation is actually trying to establish a breeding colony of sea lions on the Otago Peninsula. What on earth are they thinking?

Researchers know that one sea lion in the colony is eating up to 3 yellow eyed penguins a month but "the penguin population was not under threat from one sea lion he (marine ranger Jim Fyfe) said".

Who knows how many other penguins are being consumed? As Billy Connolly would say:"Come on Jimmy, Do the Math!" Act now and get rid of your 'Katya' the known perpetrator.

Since their recent proliferation, these cunning and intimidating animals are also already in conflict with humans -snatching salmon from fisher's lines and attacking surfers and divers - they will be climbing aboard boats next.

Why should we be forced to give up our beaches and harbour to these aggressive territorial animals? One has already grabbed a girl surfer by the throat.
Will the Department of Conservation assume responsibility when someone's swimming child is taken?

DOC should focus on conserving Otago's gentle yellow-eyed penguins and friendly Hector's dolphins. This would benefit us all.

To anyone who actually goes in the sea or who fishes it- these sea lions are as welcome as a Pitbull in a school playground. We don't need them here.

Rod Rust

If you, as a reader of this blog, whether a surfer, or a beach-goer have had any experiences with Sea Lions ... it would be much appreciated if you could briefly mention these in the comments function below.. negative/positive or just opinions about the Sea Lion situation around our waters.

** Sea lion attacks Australian girl **
A teenage girl is in a stable condition after being mauled by a sea lion while surfing off Australia's west coast. click here for story

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Thunderous Pounding

UPDATE: Went for a walk to St Clair about 10am..
The sea wall is experiencing a thunderous pounding again

Also by the bottom of the last set of stairs there is water gushing out from between two panels

Below.. some snow that made it to sea level

* * * S * * N * * O ** W * * *

Annie has hit us !
already last night the roads had frozen after a snowfall semi melted and mushed leaving a thick half inch layer of ice up our road.. and my son wrote his car off at the top of the hill, not injured thankfully.

Below St Kilda From Easther Cres

St Clair from Easther Cres below

above protea in snow.. midwinter christmas tree
Every snowflake is unique in structure.. every car in the snow tackles that phenomena in its own way


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