Saturday, 23 June 2007

* * * S * * N * * O ** W * * *

Annie has hit us !
already last night the roads had frozen after a snowfall semi melted and mushed leaving a thick half inch layer of ice up our road.. and my son wrote his car off at the top of the hill, not injured thankfully.

Below St Kilda From Easther Cres

St Clair from Easther Cres below

above protea in snow.. midwinter christmas tree
Every snowflake is unique in structure.. every car in the snow tackles that phenomena in its own way


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic; You guys must be freezing! Geordi and myself are having to apply sunscreen often. LOL hope Dunno's doesn't have a power failure. Thinking of you all in the snow........Cya

Nic on 26 June, 2007 19:28 said...

ha ha lucky you two!!!!
damn cold down here at the mo.. still fresh dustings of snow on the hills..
hope you're getting some good waves.. jealous as heck :0)


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