Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Midwinter Mish

After a full week of Family visiting ( Happy birthday Charlotte ) I took the day off from doing any work, and met some wahines for a small surf trip.. here is the Journey there and back again.. and in between I had an excellent time, working on my paddle fitness again :0) and caught a few waves closer to the shore.

Below.. Port Chalmers.. in the distance the other side of the Otago Peninsular

Taken out the car window

Above: Looking back towards Port Chalmers, and Macandrew bay on the other side of the peninsular. Was a frosty morning..

Above: Parked up checking the spot.. Below, Two surfers crossing the river.

Walking back down the hill after the check (note the frost on the road) before we went out.

After the surf I took a detour to cheack another spot .. wind had turned a strong onshore.
2.30pm.. look how long my shadow is. gets dark at 5pm

Below: Harbour Cone in the distance.. in the foreground a derelict farm, the words ARAMOANA on the shed were painted there a quarter of a century ago, saying "save Aramoana' when an aluminium smelter was to be built at the entrance to the harbour, thankfully due to protest it never went ahead.



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