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Otago Coastal Guardians
Otago Coastal Guardians (incorporated society pending)  serves to address issues, especially those relating to protection of sand dune systems, surf breaks, wildlife conservation, in Coastal Otago and in the surrounding marine environment. And to provide education and public awareness programmes for the protection and conservation of our Otago Coastal treasures.

Save Aramoana

Details about wave Mechanics that make the Aramoana surf break so special.
Issues surrounding the deposition of dredged spoil by Port Otago since 1985.
Resource consent applications to continue dredging, and the potential effects on the quality of the surfable wave.

Save Ocean Beach
Dunedin's Ocean Beach Domain is the frontline in an ongoing battle between sea and land that has serious implications for the low-lying suburbs behind the dunes. The forces at work, not least the hand of man, have shaped a significantly modified environment.
Change has been brought about by the pressure for raw resources in a developing city, the introduction of marram grass and ultimately the need to tame the coast for the physical protection of the city.  A long term management plan is currently being processed by the Dunedin City Council, blogged here are the updates and ongoings of the Ocean Beach Drama.

Friends of Blackhead 
In 1985 Fulton Hogan had plans to mine the centre of the Blackhead headland site to 50 metres below sea level and then blast an opening into the ocean creating a safe boat harbour. Destroying the headland completely. The Friends of Blackhead achieved with negotiations with the Department of Conservation and Fulton Hogan the placement of a Covenant over an area of the headland in 1991 to stop the quarry spill destroying the rare basalt rock formations, the Roman Baths and Dock.
A condition of the covenant was that the rubble covering the rock formations was cleared away, and further spill be redirected away from the protected covenant areas. After 18 years, this has not been carried out.
To ensure the covenant conditions are fulfilled a public campaign has been launched to rally support through the reformation of the Friends of Blackhead, and to negotiate again with Blackhead Quarries and DOC to restore the headland treasures for the public to once again enjoy.

Big Rock Boardriders
Website for Dunedin based Surf Club Big Rock Boardriders who's members mostly surf the South Coast of the Dunedin.  Club Competitions, Fun Days, Missions and Environmental work club members participate in.

New Zealand Olo Hikoi

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