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Order a real photo print, and both of us can be proud we worked together for a great shot. For personal web use please ask permission first, and leave my name and logo on = respect.
All images are copyright to Nic Reeves trading as Phoam Arts

I have always offered the opportunity for those photographed to order high resolution prints of themselves at very reasonable rates. I put a great deal of time and care into presenting this blog, so by ordering a photo print, you are supporting the ongoing maintenance of this blog.

IMPORTANT - about image resolution.
The photos uploaded to the phoam surf blog are low resolution 'saved for web' at 800 pixels wide 72dpi
If saved directly off the blog and printed out to a 6x4, they will look very pixelated and bad quality.

How to order a High Resolution Photo Print off this Blog
So you have seen a photo of yourself, a friend or family member on this blog, and you would like to order a quality photo print to give as a gift or hang on your own wall.

1. You've spotted the image.  Click on the image in the blog post to enlarge it (it will open in its own web page like the pic to the left) .. copy the URL address by  right clicking your mouse over it and copy to clipboard  (Type ctrl C)

2. Then paste (type ctrl V) the copied URL link into the body of an email addressed to phoam.arts (at) gmail (dot) com.
Example on left.
Specify the size of the photograph in inches as indicated in the price list above, and the number of copies.  Also include your postal address please.

I always take many more photographs in a session than I put on the phoam surf blog.  Perhaps you were out while I was shooting and just didn't choose your photo, or there may be more of you from other sessions. By request I can search through the images to see if there were any more you may be interested in.

Most image detail is lost when creating the blog photos.
This is because the resolution (or detail) has to be reduced drastically to make them suitable for the internet.
Below is an example of the true resolution of most of the photos, and how they would look printed.  Also remember they are again reduced to web resolution.
Not all images have this amount of detail though, depending on the cropping off the original image.

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