Thursday, 29 December 2011

FOOD BILL - Our right to Have Vege Gardens under threat??


There is a piece of legislation going through NZ parliament at the moment called the Food Bill. There is not much information in the media because the media aren’t or can’t talk about it. It will be snuck through faster than a greasy pig while we are on holidays in January. We need action now to get 50,000 signatures – already nearly 13,000 have signed – not enough and we potentially have less than TWO WEEKS.
Sign this petition to show that you oppose Food Bill 160-2 READ HERE

And remember to click on the link in the return email
to confirm your account for the petition.

It is a huge attack on our individual freedom and rights under the guise of protecting our safety. (the same excuse that is used in the US to curb our human rights)

The Food Bill 160-2 will seriously impede initiatives like community gardens, food co-ops, heritage seed banks, farmers markets, bake sales, and roadside fruit & vegetable stalls.
Just like the Otepotei Urban Organics
About OtepotiDunedin's network for anyone interested in growing food in their back yards or urban environments anywhere in Otago or Southland. We love to see people creating new gardens and learning how to manage them sustainably. And do ya know what we like most of all? Radical cats who join our seed savers network and participate in our 'Adopt-a-Crop' initiative, where you help to keep a heirloom or open pollinated vegetable variety going and share it with the rest of our seed savers network! visit our website at for more info, and email to join the mailing list and receive a seed catalog! Woooo hooo veggies are sooo goooooood.

It is effectively companies like Monsanto preparing the way for total food control.
Affecting seed banks like the awesoem one we have at Otepoti

Food Bill update from Sue Kedgley


by Sue Kedgley

So many people have contacted us with their concerns about the Food Bill that I requested a further meeting with officials to discuss these concerns (officials have already agreed to amend the bill to make it clear it will not apply to seed saving, in response to a request from me.)

I concluded from my briefing with officials that the Food Bill has ended up inadvertently capturing things like home gardening, bartering and seed exchange, which should never have been covered in the bill in the first place, because of its broad coverage and definitions (eg its definition of sale includes bartering).

Monday, 19 December 2011

Phoam Surf Art - St Clair Pit


Latest commission Acrylic on box canvas

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Aramoana Paddle Out Video


Aramoana Surfer Paddle Out from Nic Reeves on Vimeo.

Aramoana, Dunedin, New Zealand, is a world class surf break. Now protected under national Policy in the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 as a protected surfbreak.
It is now under threat from continued dumping of dredged spoil in its' swell corridor from the maintenance dredging and spoil from the proposed deepening of the Otago Harbour by the Port of Otago. Currently resource consent applications to continue dumping are in hearing process. If you want to support the wave and the cause, please sign the petition at :

Thanks to Mark Stevenson for the water footage, and Ian Henderson for the original soundtrack 'Save the Wave'. All other film, photos, editing production by Nic Reeves, from Phoam Arts

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dunedin Womens Surfers


(thanks to Dave O'Rourke for the photo) comment written on back.
as an aside, the 6th board from the left, is the actual board that Caitlin bought as her first board.

Friday, 2 December 2011

XMAS PRESSIES!! Framed photos of Otago surf and St Clair


Just listed over at Trademe.
Pickup in Dunedin, can post via courier.
Also custom framed photos of scenes you like.

Perhaps I have some shots of you surfing over the years that would look great framed up.

Email me and ask
phoam.arts (at) gmail (dot) com

Monday, 28 November 2011

Dunedin shark-nets film 'positive environmental story'

My father Trevor Reeves was a bodysurfer at St Clair in the 50's and 60's and two of his best mates were killed by sharks. I'm looking forward to seeing this documentary when its available.

Film-makers Nicole Schafer and Andrew Scott stand beside the St Clair Beach shark bell. Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Film-makers Nicole Schafer and Andrew Scott stand beside the St Clair Beach shark bell. Photo by Peter McIntosh.

Tangled Waters documents the five attacks in Dunedin, between 1964 and 1973, which included three fatalities, and the decision to install shark nets in Dunedin waters.

Film-makers and University of Otago science communication students Nicole Schafer and Andrew Scott (both 27) said it was an important film to make.

"It's a great local story that's never been fully told before," Ms Schafer said.

"It was a unique situation having shark netting. No-one else in New Zealand has had shark nets.

"It's also a great story, because we got the ending we wanted. It's a positive environmental story, which is very unusual."

The 25-minute documentary includes interviews with Dunedin city councillors during the voting decision to remove the nets.

The DCC, led by Crs Richard Thomson, Lee Vandervis and Kate Wilson, began investigating the shark net programme after anOtago Daily Times feature in January condemned the practice of net-setting.

The article revealed the nets had caught no great white sharks in 40 years, but had killed more than 700 non-target species.

Councillors subsequently voted 9-3 in favour of removing the $38,000 annual funding for the nets in the 2011-12 annual plan.

Ms Schafer and Mr Scott also interviewed shark attack survivor Barry Watkins, who was attacked at St Clair Beach in 1971, surfers and beach-goers, and filmed great white sharks in their natural habitat at Stewart Island.

The former St Kilda Surf Life Saving Club members said they wanted to make the film "because we're conservationists and the shark nets were wrong".

"It was the St Kilda Surf Life Saving Club that raised the funds for the original nets after the first two attacks in the 1960s, before they were later taken over by the DCC," Mr Scott said.

"I hope the film teaches people something about the history of a neglected wildlife in New Zealand.
We should be proud, like we are with kiwis and albatross, of sharks as well. We should take them to our hearts. They are so important to the environment. We need them for the eco-system to operate."

The students also gathered thousands of signatures at the Otago Farmers Market for a petition opposing the shark nets.

"Once people got all the facts, they were agreeing with us," Ms Schafer said.

"Everyone responded really well and was reasonable and wanted to discuss it. People think great whites are in Australia or South Africa, but New Zealand is a global hot spot for these animals."

There had already been interest in the film from Australia, she said.

Tangled Waters will premiere at the 2011 Science Teller festival, at 6.30pm today at the Regent Theatre.

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Surf Forecasts from Metoceans with Metservice


Article at Otago Daily Times

Surfers hoping to catch big waves this summer will be able to check out video forecasts and up-to-date swell information using a new online service.

MetService's surf, beach and boating section, launched this week, draws on swell forecasts from specialist provider MetOcean Solutions.

The site will also feature weekend surf video forecasts during summer, which will be hosted by expert forecasters who are also regular surfers themselves.

MetOcean managing director Peter McComb said partnering with MetService - the country's sixth most visited website - was an exciting opportunity.

"With a fantastic reach and growing community of users, we are delighted to provide the public with high-quality data for planning their marine activities,'' he said.

Looks pretty comprehensive.. check it out and see how it stacks up compared to your usual surf forecast websites.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Huge HYDRO Surf Hardware SALE

This Thursday the 24th November from 5pm-7pm only

Hydro Boardroom 165 George St Dunedin (opp Farmers)

More info
Massive Surf Hardware sale at Hydro Boardroom 165 george st opposite Farmers.

over $50,000 worth of stock slashed to half price.

Everything else except surfboards will be 20% off on the night aswell.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Some photos from the Wahine Surf Day


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NZ Surfing Nats 1976 - TV1 Special

Thans to NZ Greenroom for supplying!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ladies Surf Day St Clair

Sharee Campbell organised an awesome day of fun, stoke and wahine warriorship.
Click on the HD symbol on the video toolbar to watch in High Definition on Vimeo.
And if you haven't signed the Aramoana Petition above this post yet, PLEASE DO SO and get it to 1000 !!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Blackhead Mining 2005 - 2011

Shots from Google Earth from 2005 to 2011, a large high res file, so might take a bit of time to load.
Below, the back side August 2011, and two historical photos of the back side from 1907 and about 1942

Monday, 31 October 2011

The continuing adventures of Skidi and Fugly


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sand Canyon & Puppies


Above: Back Beach Brighton beach a few days ago, by a stormwater outfall pipe. This small stretch of beach is the only place on the south coast that holds this rich golden sand.
Below: some puppies having their first experience at the beach.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Proposed Management Options for Ocean Beach


Proposed Management Options for Ocean Beach

Closes: 25/11/2011

In 2008, the Council appointed a Project Team to gather data and consider management options for Ocean Beach. This followed significant erosion on the beach in June/July 2007, the DCC’s replenishment of sand on the beach and other remedial works as part of a now established ‘holding pattern’, and a comprehensive consultation process. Since then the Project Team has gathered and analysed that data and completed a risk assessment process. It has now identified proposed management options for Ocean Beach, taking into account the existing processes and risks.

A report from Tonkin & Taylor dated October 2011 entitled: ‘Ocean Beach, Coastal Issues and Options’, sets out preferred options for managing the area using an adaptive management approach. The report is available for inspection at the DCC’s Customer Services Centre and Libraries from Tuesday 25 October during their ordinary opening hours. A summary of intent and submission forms are also available. The information, plus background material on erosion at Ocean Beach, can be found at

Submissions must be received by 5.00 pm on Friday 25 November. Hearing dates have been scheduled for Tuesday 31 January to Thursday 2 February 2012. Please state in your submission whether or not you wish to be heard.

Consultation documents

Consultation details

Closing date25/11/2011
Contact personBusiness Development Team Leader
Public feedback
  • Online submission form (new window)
  • Email to -
  • Post to - Proposed Management Options for Ocean Beach, Community and Recreation Services, Dunedin City Council, PO Box 5045 Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, Attention: Lisa Labuchagne
  • Hand deliver to - Proposed Management Options for Ocean Beach, Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor Civic Centre, 50 The Octagon - Attention Lisa Labuchagne
Public meetings

The public meeting is to be held on Monday 7 November 2011 at 7.00 pm.

The venue is the Port Otago Room, first floor, Edgar Centre, corner Portsmouth Drive and Teviot Street.

All interested members of the public are cordially invited to attend. A summary of the options and submission forms will also be available at the meeting


Sunday, 23 October 2011

The first ever International Symposium on the Protection of Waves


The international conference on Wave Protection takes place in two of the most beautiful destinations on the planet: Biarritz, France and San Sebastian-Donostia.

This will be a meeting of the minds to discuss how to protect surfing coastlines worldwide from the effects of climate changeand the impacts of increasing populations flocking to the coast.

What Is The Value Of Waves?

Various initiatives for the preservation of the waves are conducted internationally. Therefore NGOs Surfers Against Sewage, Surfrider Foundation, Save the Waves Coalition, Salvem O Surf, with scientific support of Dr Tony Butt, organize a major international conference on the recognition of the value of the waves and their protection in the world.

While the coasts are attracting more and more people and territories seek to protect against the effects of climatic disorder, conservation of surfing waves is becoming a major issue on many coastlines.

The genesis of the waves comes from the alignment of multiple environmental factors, themselves relatively uncertain. This feature is responsible for vulnerability to any change in the environment that characterizes the waves.

This is why many surf spots have now been altered. Some even disappeared. There are several types of threats that can cause the disappearance of a wave.

Against this backdrop, the challenge for the surfing community is to highlight the fact that the presence of a wave exceeds the notion of pleasure it can bring to surfers. The objective is to characterize what are the economic, social and environmental values of a surf zone to a coastal area.

1. How Do You Define The Value of a Wave, and by Extension, of Nature?
2. What Are the Threats Facing the Waves?
3. Which Strategies Can Be Put into Place to Protect them?

These three questions will be at the centre of the conferences that take place on the two days.

To answer them, Surfers Against Sewage from the United Kingdom, Save the Waves Coalition based in Northern California, WiLDCOAST from Mexico,

Surfbreak Protection Society coming from New Zealand,
National Surfing Reserves from Australia, Portugal'sSalvem O Surf (…) and of course branches of the international Surfrider network (Australia, Argentina, Europe, Japan, Morocco, United States…) will all come together.

Representatives of the political and scientific worlds, joined by engineers specializing in coastal development, will discuss the issues surrounding waves within their respective areas of expertise.

Through a series of lectures and roundtable discussions, during which various experts will attempt to answer these questions, this event is the first major opportunity to offer the public an international panorama of reflections made in this area. This event will be considered as a success if:

We manage to use this exchange as a platform to discuss our larger goals as a global community of activists dedicated to wave protection. As such, we would like to introduce the idea of a global network of wave protection.

We are able to demonstrate a shared vision and how to continue the collaboration of all stakeholders in the future.

Potentially develop a joint conference statement on wave protection to set the stage for work plan for a future wave conference. Other ideas or initiatives can emerge, for instance to have the waves and surfing recognized as a worldwide natural heritage for mankind.


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