Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Caitlins Surf Poems.


Early last year my daughter Caitlin wrote a few surf themed poems for school.

She has just written a new one too, and she'd love some comments.
A longing desire to fuel your fire
A heart of gold which cannot be sold
The love and lust is only just
The burnt hole is thy lost soul

Friday, 26 June 2009

2085ks to the beach


The winner of name the DVD comp is Hayley Coakes.
2085ks to the beach.
Which is quite fitting because we travelled together and attended all the events on the DVD.
2085ks.. because on google maps, thats how far the round trip to all the comps took us.

The next issue is I'm having issue with exporting the files to all fit on the DVD! fingers crossed I can get over this technical hitch!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Phoam DVD launch Saturday


Posts have been sparse because for the last two weeks I have been working on a DVD for the SISA prize giving in Christchurch this weekend.

The Premiere screening of my first 'professional' production will be shown on the big screen on the Saturday night, and will be a compilation of photos and film of all the SISA events I attended in the 2008-2009 season.
Featuring original music from three Dunedin Surf bands: Shakes and the Swell Guys, Junk Shop Star and The Dark Beaks.

The DVD will be available for sale on the night, pre orders taken if you can't make it.
I'm stuck for a title for the DVD, so if you have any suggestions, I'd welcome some creative input, winning title gets a free copy of the DVD. leave a comment.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Matariki celebration - Big Rock Comp

Celebrating Matariki,. the Maori New Year, Big Rock Boardriders held its second annual mid winter comp on the day before the shortest day of the year, which was also International Surfing Day.
A good turnout gathered at Ocean View at 9am.

Above, morning light .. first up the womens event which saw a straight final of 5 surfed.
Results Women
1st Hayley Coakes
2nd Jean Davis
3rd Nic Reeves
4th Mary Sutherland
5th Caitlin de Bruyn
Next up on the events list was the Ugly Fun Board . This year, not to be outdone, in the second heat Jimi and Nathan teamed up on an old windsurf board and paddled out the back to do a tandem ride, sharing the points to go through to the finals. Below right: lucky they decided to go for this wave so they didn't get cleaned up on the set wave behind! below again, they did manage to stand up together for a second or two, although going left might have been a longer more impressive ride!?

Above and above left: Andy went out with a body board, and proceeded to score negative points for his shameful rides. Then Jimi styles on the winsurf board, pic taken by Ollie Crooks.
Below right: Jimi and Jono doing the pose with their real nice retro 'ugly' boards for the finals... left: Judges look on from the road.

Results Ugly Board Comp:
1st Jimi Crooks
2nd Jono Pascoe
3rd Chris lamb
4th Nathan Lungley
The Open Comp was three heats with Hayley and Jean competing with the men. There was a bit of sweating and comp talk going on which pushed the surfing whch was impressive in the conditions. Great to see Matt really improving and making it to the semis.

Open Results:
1st Hayley Coakes
2nd Jimi Crooks
3rd Nathan Lungley
4th Rob Millburn

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

'master wave rider'


Above Jimi gets another full page in the Taieri Herald this month.

Snow from Yesterday


Our vege garden sitting 10 metres above sea level gets a dusting of snow. All that is active now is a row of carrots, two celery plants that are still going bananas, parsley, and the silverbeet. Oh, there is your lemon tree you bought us mum, in the blue pot. Along the fence at the right Jay has his two compost bins he has been working hard on, with the nutrients for the vege patch in the spring.

morning sun hits the house with Saddle Hill well dusted in the background. After this was taken at 9am it continued to snow till 1pm

Jays scooter, Caity made the snowman.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Something Old, Forgotten but Found


I was doing a major clean out of old files on my computer, and backing everything up ready to have it reformatted, as it has been playing up shockingly the last few weeks.
I found a sequence I put together of the photo shoot I did of when Dean Morrison and Dion Agius came to Dunedin in April 2007. Music is Symphonic Pink Floyd 'Us and Them" played by the London Symphonic Orchestra.
All the images from the session are unedited straight from camera,
I never got around to fixing it up and changing the music, so never published it.
I took the photos with Chris Garden's Canon 30D, as I was looking at buying one myself, which I did the next month. Sorry Chris, I didn't mean to take so many shots, cats out of the bag now.. Other surfers featured: Scotty Todd, Jack Lewis, Kaniela

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cold Water Classic - Kaikoura 2009 another day


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

More from Mondays Offshore Gales


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dunedin Champs - SISA Circuit 2009


In Saturdays Otago Daily Times, above.
Official prizegiving for SISA will be held later in the month.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Must have been a severe wind chill


Must have been a severe wind chill below freezing late this arvo with gale force offshores.
Squeezed this shoot in between finishing work, and the sun setting.
Nearly got blown off my feet twice, and had such a struggle at time keeping the camera still, I had to take the lens hood off to reduce wind friction. Loved it all though.


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