Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Something Old, Forgotten but Found

I was doing a major clean out of old files on my computer, and backing everything up ready to have it reformatted, as it has been playing up shockingly the last few weeks.
I found a sequence I put together of the photo shoot I did of when Dean Morrison and Dion Agius came to Dunedin in April 2007. Music is Symphonic Pink Floyd 'Us and Them" played by the London Symphonic Orchestra.
All the images from the session are unedited straight from camera,
I never got around to fixing it up and changing the music, so never published it.
I took the photos with Chris Garden's Canon 30D, as I was looking at buying one myself, which I did the next month. Sorry Chris, I didn't mean to take so many shots, cats out of the bag now.. Other surfers featured: Scotty Todd, Jack Lewis, Kaniela


Anonymous said...


Surfer Nancy on 17 June, 2009 12:41 said...

What an awesome display of surfing talent, rippable waves, and photography skills! I have postponed my trip to New Zealand until April 2010. The weather reports have scared me off. I am a Florida wimp. I hope I can ride your waves then, and hopefully see you then, on the beach shooting or in the water surfing...


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