Monday, 8 June 2009

Must have been a severe wind chill

Must have been a severe wind chill below freezing late this arvo with gale force offshores.
Squeezed this shoot in between finishing work, and the sun setting.
Nearly got blown off my feet twice, and had such a struggle at time keeping the camera still, I had to take the lens hood off to reduce wind friction. Loved it all though.


Anonymous said...

Love the top shot can almost hear the wind whistling! So many cool pics on here! Cheers Nic for the comments on my blog, it was fun as shooting da boarders at night and yeh a remote flash woulda been good to have! How cool would it be to shoot those grovy night surfing shots with remote flash! ...just have to convince someone to swim around with it though ha!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos, especially the first one. Awesome photo. Magnetic, it just draws you in. My fav of yours amongst the many quality pics you take.

Dan on 10 June, 2009 16:09 said...

Epic! was a funsurf and cool to see evidence of the wind factor!


tonyf on 15 June, 2009 11:25 said...

Top shot is the top shot. Critical moment, the surfer is in the right spot and you can imagine whats coming or going to happen. Also catches the power of the wave and great lighting and colour. Technically an excellent photo. well done


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