Friday, 5 June 2009

Cold Water Classic - Full Results at SISA

Full Results from SISA website

1st Levi O'Connor Kaikoura 12.70 pts
2nd Anthony Hema Westport 12.67 pts
3rd Tom Entwisle Sumner 9.83 pts
4th Dave Lyons Kaikoura 8.53 pts
Southern Paua and Surge Surfboards WOMENS OPEN

1st Hayley Coakes Dunedin 8.67 pts
2nd Alethea Lock Sumner 4.13 pts
3rd Kristi Zarifeh Sumner 2.10 pts
4th Haley Baxter Kaikoura 1.87 pts
Board Silly / Mt Lyford JUNIOR WOMENS
1st Alethea Lock Sumner 7.20 pts
2nd Haley Baxter Kaikoura 5.33 pts
3rd Kristi Zarifeh Sumner 4.43 pts
4th Emily Nicolson Kaiapoi 3.83 pts
Hydro Surf / FCS MASTERS
1st Dave Lyons Kaikoura 16.83 pts
2nd Richard Baxter Kaikoura 9.97 pts
3rd Neil Robb Sumner 8.20 pts
4th Matt McCrory Kaikoura 7.03 pts
1st Alan Temoananui Kaikoura 12.97 pts
2nd Hayden Brain New Brighton 11.97 pts
3rd Tom Entwisle Sumner 11.47 pts
4th Aaron Surgenor Kaikoura 5.80 pts
R & R Sport Junior
1st Jimmy Crooks Dunedin 12.10 pts
2nd Sam Courtney Kaiapoi 10.33 pts
3rd Ben Bennett Dunedin 9.83 pts
4th Tom Bracegirdle Dunedin 9 pts
Encounter Kaikoura CADETS
1st Tom Bracegirdle Dunedin 11.50pts
2nd Sam Courtney Kaiapoi 11.17 pts
3rd Cody Mccusker Kaiapoi 9.57 pts
4th Hugh Ritchie Morth Wai 7.93 pts
1st John Roussey North Wai 13.17 pts
2nd Neil Robb Sumner 9.23 pts
3rd Glenn Shuker New Brighton 9.13 pts
4th Chris Beaufort Westport 2.77 pts
1st Le Roy Rust Dunedin 12.7 pts
2nd Shayne Baxter New Brighton 11.9 pts
3rd Dan Warren New Brighton 10.33 pts
4th Homer Dunedin 5.17 pts


Anonymous said...

Yea KZ ripping it, Hayley


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