Friday, 8 June 2007


nothing to do with surfing.. I know
but couldn't resist these guys... from a trip to Melville Farm for work for the day yesterday, driving over in the snow, which cleared long enough for a walk through the paddocks in the freezing cold.

Snowing on and off today, not cold or low enough to settle where I am.
Some big surf out there, did go out before lunch to get some shots at St Kilda, as the sun has appeared and there was amazing light, but by the time I got down there another snow storm was blowing through and it wasn't worth braving the cold to get a shot through the flakes.


jonathan said...

Excellent photos. Particularly appreciate the Pig (my Spirit Guide).

What in the world kinda bird is that? A Furbird?? Seriously, it looks like a mink-covered ostritch.

Is it unusual to get snow in Dunedin? Might be anthropomophizing, but those guys look COLD.

Nic on 09 June, 2007 08:21 said...

heya :0)
Its an Emu..
and it usually snows a few times a year.. settles to sea level those times too, this one doesn't really count.. I'm hoping to get some snow surfing pics ths year..


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