Monday, 9 June 2008


.. before the weekend... before it all turned to gale force waves and storm driven bombs, a few small peelers slipped by on Friday

Above and below Brad Melville drops in to a 1ft Beachie.

Above Jono, and below Jimmy Crooks hides from the glare of the sun.

more of the Cold Water Classic photos up tomorrow lunchtime.. been busy working today, and doing a new surfboard artwork the last few evenings, hope you're all keeping warm and bolted to the ground. If by any chance someone comes across or hears of a silver scooter (motorbike) cover blown into a back yard in waldronville, its ours. or it could be in Oamaru by now...?

Maybe its LOST.. hmm speaking of which, final of this series of LOST wed night, I have been trying in vain to follow it and when I think I've got it, then theres a curve ball.. I think the island gets zapped and time shifts again (thanks to the metal in the orchids underground teleporter room, wish i had one of those, the trip to Kaiks would have been a bit quicker)anyway, the helicopter makes it to the boat, but its about to explode and preg Sun jumps on to helicopter before it blows.. helicopter crash lands in sea and thats where they are rescued? reason why its said there were only 6 .. hmm .. the rest are still on the Island somewhere else and jack has to get back to put the cork on the genie bottle so the black smoke doesn't kill all the polar bears, Dharma backwards is amrahd which means 'all marooned rats are hopeless dancers'.
I hear that some big waves have taken out another hunk of Middles and the diggers and trucks have been working round the clock to build sandcastles on the shoreline. The Hotel is making some big progress,hasn't been inundated by the sea from the ground up, so that's good news.



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