Monday, 16 June 2008

Cold Water Classic 08 - Day 2

A few more added, have moved my studio into another room, and its nowhere near the heat pump, and damn its like an icebox in here! so have been away from the computer keeping warm the last few days.

I am really dribbling these photos out.. sorry, this post is just the beginning of only Day 2 (of 3 days). So just a few till I finished some more tonight after work.
There is also a video coming, when I can work out the glitch of my computer not recognising my DV cam (capture device offline), I hate technology.
ABove, Andy, Jimmy and Hayley checking out Mungas in the am before we went to meatworks for day 2. below, the line of overnight stay motorhomes, as the sun rose and hit the peaks, then Tom and Danny.



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