Friday, 21 March 2008

Dunedin at last !!

I was anticipating all day the arrival of the 13foot wooden Olo which was being delivered by downsouth from Christchurch.
I had spent all day down at St Clair for the first day of the South Island Surfing Champs, and was so ready for it at the end of the day when downsouth finally pulled up at the Esplanade with the massive red board bag on the roof of his Hilux. Its BIG!

It wasn't long before I asked him to strip off the bottom half to give me a peek at the sleek wood.

With a southerly front threatening to hit any moment, looming grey clouds and some icy blasts ripped through St Clair, and the rest of the comp was called off, so we headed back out to me and scabs house to complete the delivery.

She was quickly whipped off the roof, and peeled out of the red bag by surfscab with my daughter Caitlin helping. Below, Caitlin bears the whole weight of the wood, declaring shes keen for a go on it too.

With strong winds and the rain threatening to break, scab shuffled the board to its next resting place at our hoime for the next month. A bit of trouble gettign her in to the shed, but got there in the end.

And so the beginning of the Dunedin Leg of the Olo Hikoi.



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