Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Cape Classic Westport - Comp Day One

Saturday the 20th of October
- Day 1 of the Cape Classic.

Four cellphone alarms sounding at 6am in the cabin accompanied by pelting rain outside started our day. We got to Tauranga Bay by 7.30am greeted by 3 foot inconsistent surf. Events started with the junior boys and the junior women between rain showers and gusty wind. My camera was packed away for most of the morning due to the rain, but once I got my rain-cover sorted out with a few adjustments I managed to get a few shots late morning.

Above- the judges stand and the contest area.
Surf was still small in the morning as the juniors and cadets ran.

The heats of the seniors and the masters ran late moring through lunchtime. The ladies in the food tent worked miracles serving whitebait, steak and bacon & egg salad sandwiches. yuumm!

Above left Tony Schafer jumping off Jesus Rock, right paddling out through the rip. Below Tony ripping as the surf built steadily.

Mid afternoon the weather packed up seriously, a few more heats were run, and the Open Womens heats were cancelled for the day which Hayley had been waiting all day for. We spent most of the early afternoon in the car out of the rain squalls and wind, but braved the elements for Jono's open heat when and Hails wrapped ourselves in the tarpaulin and stood on the beach to watch. Ten minutes later and totally soaked we retreated back to the car. At 3pm the comp was put on hold till after 4pm as the stormy conditions blasted through the bay. With Jordan through his heats to the semis we decided to bail for the day and head back to town, settling in to 18 holes of mini golf at the camping ground.
Below- Hayley goes for the put.

Below- at 6pm me and Hails went back to the Bay to see if the comp had restarted after the lay hour. It had, and a fair few heats had been run. Most had left so we walked around the bay and waited for the sunset.

Below- I was stoked to get a west coast 'sunset over the water', here at Nine Mile Beach

Above- Left, Cows watching us. Right & Below- Sunset over Tauranga Bay from the Seal Colony.

Tea was some pretty yummy takeaways in Westport, don't ask Jordan about the baskets :0)



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