Friday, 29 May 2009

Cold Water Classic - Kaikoura 2009 Day 1 part1

Kim, Helena, Jean and myself left on the Thursday morning with more gear packed into Kims' stationwagon than a sardine can could fit under pressure. The rest of the Dunedin Crew.. Hayley, Tash, Homer and Jamie in a 4WD.. Jono, leroy, Jimi and Tom in Jono's stationwagon.. Andy, Nathan and Chris in another car, Steve & Ben in another and finally MB and Geordi. Again a good showing of support for the last SISA event of the year from the Otago Surf Clubs.

Above: Friday morning at Meatworks, a clean green set peaks out back. Homers' truck on left with the FCS tent which was a godsend all weekend with protection from the sun, rain and wind. Below left: rashies all laid out ready for the first Open mans' heats ... red flag ready to drop as the sun rose to a crisp but clear morning. Right and Below: The first few heats of the day ran as the surf picked up and the sun made for some stunning light.

Top Right: Nash Robertson. Below, more images from the Open heats round 1. Below Left: Levi O'Connor, Right: Dave Melville ?

Above: an empty in the comp area. Below Left: Andy Sutherland, Right and Below: unknown

Above Left: Nathan Lungley, Right: Jamie Civil
Below: Freesurfing down the beach, and a shot from there towards the comp area.


Anonymous said...

the first unknown guy in he yellow rashie long hair is heath melville im pretty sure

nic on 03 June, 2009 17:50 said...

Heath doesn't have long hair, and doesn't surf like that. No offence to you Heath.

Anonymous on 03 June, 2009 20:16 said...

my bad... it was the dude in the same heat as him tho i remember

- mark


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