Monday, 4 May 2009

Ducking for Cover

Duck shooting season began on saturday.
I hate it.
I love Ducks.
These were NOt shot, but photographed on saturday at Brighton, at least they will be safe including my friend 'the white one'


Anonymous said...

totally agree Nick. I love ducks too. Great colours. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Duck shooters lick anal glands
Shoot a duck shooter !
Quack Quack

Anonymous said...

yeah i love duck too. vietnamese crispy duck...

Anonymous said...

I had duck for lunch very yummy. Sorry but Im a kiwi bloke and think its a classic past time.

pete said...

your right Anon it is past time most humans evolved to hunt fairly! not with a Boom stick from the shelter of a maimai.
Hunt duck by hand like a real man you chicken hearted humans.

Anonymous said...

i love ducks Qwacka


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