Monday, 31 July 2006

thanks huey

Much warmer today.. so I spent the whole afternoon out and about taking photos. Black first.. one out when I got there, nice steady sets pumping through with a nice bank mid beach thowing off some long peeling lefts...

then within 20 mis and 6 more out it mostly dropped away with the change in tide..

St Clair next.. awesome to have the sun shining, especially since is much easier to get my camera focussed with good light, so some nice closeup shots today..


Anonymous said...

Your photos are getting better and better - especially the aerial shots and the variety of angles! It's great to see the waves each day, keep it up!

Nic on 01 August, 2006 22:17 said...

Hi Ivor,
thanks sooo much, yes I am really seeing the step up in my pics, mostly because I am really getting to grips with the finer controls in my camera, and developing a better sense of timing.


Anonymous said...

Don't know who the woman is, but by the look on her face!, says it all really, She is stoked to be up and riding that wave; nice capture nic!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Susannah to me... and she sure does look stoked!

Nic on 02 August, 2006 23:00 said...

cool, so if you can get in touch somehow with her (Susannah?), can you let her know I have the image of her and her friend on the esplanade she asked me to take.


Anonymous said...

Last I heard Susannah was doing a dble hons degree in Law, maybe you could get in touch with her through the law faculty?

Nic on 03 August, 2006 14:06 said...

wow! bright lady.. and her energy was so vibrant too. I did give her my card at the time, and she stashed it somewhere along the esplanade to retrieve after the surf, but must have lost it? anyway.. no biggie, she was off to London soon.

Anonymous said...

I seem to see her every couple of weeks down at the beach... I guess you could just bank on that?


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